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We reached out to our trusted pros in various industries, from painting to fabrication, and handyman services, to share with us a little about their business journey and their CraftJack experience. Here’s what they have to say.

Home Improvement & Design is turning customer's landscapes into beautiful creations. With over 20 years experience, Mike Kortoci shares how using lead generation at CraftJack has helped his company grow.

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Which Lead Generation Sites Are The Best For Contractors?

Getting good contractor leads is one of the most important things you can do for your business. While locating leads for home improvement and repair businesses can seem like a daunting task, there are ways to find well-qualified leads that generate a steady stream of business for your company.

Working with the best lead generation websites for contractors can potentially put you in touch with thousands of promising potential customers in your area, all within your service area and in need of the services you offer.


How To Get Free Construction Leads

It can be tough for contractors to find construction leads, regardless of how long you have been in the industry. With the ever-changing economy, it’s hard to choose an exact method when it comes to generating construction leads.

Outside of lead generation services, you should be looking for the best way to get construction leads. This may mean a little extra work sometimes, but there is a payoff in the money you can save. Here are a few ways you can get free construction job leads.


Tips on Managing Angry Customers

Learn how to effectively manage angry customers with these tips for home service business owners. From communication strategies to de-escalation techniques and issue resolution, this guide has you covered.

Even the most successful businesses will have the occasional dissatisfied customer. What matters is how you handle those customers. Learning how to work with difficult customers, identify the issues they're having, and reach a positive resolution is an essential skill for any contractor.


Top 8 Successful Sales Tips for Contractors

Looking to improve your sales game as a home improvement contractor? Check out these top eight tips for success, from establishing a sales process to being likable.

As a business owner, you have to hire the right people, keep the books in order, handle customer service issues, and so much more. If you want your business to generate revenue, you also have to market your services consistently. Marketing is what makes people aware of your company and helps them understand why they should hire you instead of one of your competitors. If your marketing efforts need a boost, apply these eight sales tips for contractors.


Crafting Comprehensive Estimates: A Guide for Small Home Service Businesses

Learn what to include in your estimates as a start-up or small home service business, including materials, labor, total cost, and company information. Discover the pros and cons of itemized estimates and the importance of transparency. 

As a home service provider, one of your most important tasks is crafting comprehensive estimates for every job. Whether you provide cleaning services or do general contracting, accurate estimates are essential for setting expectations and helping you prioritize your work. Read on to find out why comprehensive estimates are so important and what you can do to make the estimating process a little easier.


The Art of Following Up

Learn how to successfully follow up with prospective homeowners in the home service industry. Discover effective techniques and strategies to convert leads into loyal customers.

Following up on leads is a must for any business that wants to increase conversions and revenue. But converting potential customers into actual customers takes some work.

While you might be tempted to push your sales team to knuckle down and grind out that work, it's important to remember there's an art to following up. Call too many times too quickly and you alienate the prospect. Stretch the time between follow-ups too long and potential customers forget about your services or think you don't really care that much.


The Hardest Contractor Jobs In America

With DIY home renovations on the rise and heavily edited home improvement shows blurring the line between reality and entertainment, it’s easy for everyday Americans to misunderstand how much physical labor and hard-earned skill is required for most contractor jobs.

The question remains: What sort of work is most physically grueling and what’s hardest to learn and master? In order to find out, we surveyed 1,609 contractors and 652 consumers, asking them to rank 32 types of contractor work. Check out the results below.


Money Management Tips For Contractors

These money management techniques can help contractors and small business owners keep control of their finances through the good times and the bad in their trading.

Running a business isn't easy. It's estimated that 1 in 5 small businesses fail in their first 2 years, and just 25% of new business ventures survive for a decade. One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is managing their cash flow. Even businesses that have a good reputation and a steady flow of customers can find themselves struggling if they encounter a sudden unexpected expense or a major client fails to pay them. Money management skills are essential for all business owners.


How To Set Your Prices And When To Raise Them

No matter what type of service you provide, you need to set your prices high enough to make a profit after you account for materials, labor, and other costs of doing business. Unfortunately, many home service providers set their prices way too low, limiting their cash flow and making it tough to turn a profit. This guide explains what you need to know about pricing strategies, factors to consider when setting prices, and the importance of adjusting your prices regularly.

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