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How to Price HVAC Jobs Perfectly and Grow Your Business | CraftJack

Increase sales and bolster your reputation by learning how to price HVAC jobs. Get advice on costs and estimates to win more jobs and delight customers.

As an HVAC small business owner, how much you charge customers for services lies at the core of your company's long-term success. Operating margins dictate profits, and influence which target audiences you appeal to, and how many jobs you win. Without a carefully planned pricing strategy, you're more likely to overcharge or undercharge clients and could struggle to thrive and grow. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to price HVAC jobs. 


Crafting Comprehensive Estimates: A Guide for Small Home Service Businesses

Learn what to include in your estimates as a start-up or small home service business, including materials, labor, total cost, and company information. Discover the pros and cons of itemized estimates and the importance of transparency. 

As a home service provider, one of your most important tasks is crafting comprehensive estimates for every job. Whether you provide cleaning services or do general contracting, accurate estimates are essential for setting expectations and helping you prioritize your work. Read on to find out why comprehensive estimates are so important and what you can do to make the estimating process a little easier.


How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile For Multiple Locations

Expanding your home service business takes a lot of work behind the scenes. Learn how to optimize your Google Business Profile for multiple locations.  How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile For Multiple Locations

Your Google Business Profile listing is the key to drumming up more local business for your home service company. With most people now using Google to search for services in their area, your presence on Google's business platform is nonnegotiable. It's easy to get started and requires minimal maintenance, but it can inspire huge profit increases for companies with multiple business locations.


How To Use CraftJack To Find More Remodeling Leads

Find more remodeling leads with CraftJack. Business is booming for home renovators, but only for brands that are visible and easy to find. Let us do the hard work of generating leads so you can focus on winning bids and completing jobs.

As the price of property continues its endless trend upwards, the potential for remodeling contractors to find work is soaring. However, high demand from the public and a schedule full of jobs aren't the same thing. To reach potential customers, you need to deploy a variety of tactics to ensure your brand is visible and your online presence inspires people to choose you over your local competitors.


How To Start A Painting Business

Starting a painting business with no experience is a lot easier than you might think. Unlike restaurants or retail shops, a painting business has several advantages that make success easy. First, you don’t need to be experienced because you can easily teach yourself the skills. Second, there will always be a demand for painting as most people don’t have the time or talent to paint themselves. Additionally, once you see growing success, a painting business is relatively easy to scale. And finally, it requires minimal start-up costs. In this guide, we walk you through how to start your own painting business.


How Landscaping Companies Can Prepare For Winter

Landscaping is a hands-on job. You tend outdoor spaces in spring, summer, and fall, offer garden design services to a range of residential and commercial clients, and trim hedges and keep weeds in check all over town. Between butterfly borders and patio installation jobs, you’re busy three out of four seasons a year.

Winter might seem like an obvious off-season for landscaping services — but actually, there are lots of things you can do when the wind blows cold. In this article, we’ll explore a few projects you can still do between November and March. Got snow? Great; we’ll tell you how to work the white stuff to your advantage.


7 Easy Ways To Grow Your Roofing Company

With the right marketing strategy, getting high-quality roofing leads doesn't have to be difficult. Here are seven easy ways to grow your business.

As a roofing professional, you already have plenty of things to do, from ordering materials to finding skilled laborers to help you with current projects. No matter how busy you are, though, it's important to market your business consistently.

Marketing increases brand awareness and ensures you have a steady stream of customers to keep your business growing. If you don't have a lot of experience with marketing, here are seven of the easiest ways to find roofing leads.


What Licenses Do HVAC Pros Need In Florida?

If you work as a ventilation professional in Florida, you know that having a current HVAC license can be helpful for winning new business, getting professional insurance, and operating throughout your service area. Before you get started offering HVAC services in Florida, it’s a good idea to know what licenses are available and how to get the certification that you need.

Are you a Florida contractor looking for more HVAC jobs in your area? Sign up with CraftJack today.


What Every Long-Lasting Contractor Business Needs

Make sure your home service company goes the distance by avoiding common small business pitfalls and mastering the essential skills required to succeed long-term.

If you're looking to start a business or you need tips to ensure your home service company goes the distance, you've come to the right place. Keeping your business afloat is a balancing act between avoiding common small business pitfalls and establishing effective processes and procedures.

In this article, you'll learn about the main reasons many small businesses in the home improvement sector fail. Plus, you'll discover advice about what to focus on to help you avoid common pitfalls. 


Five Ways To Manage Employees Across Job Sites

Discover how to manage employees at remote job sites as your home services company grows with this handy guide from CraftJack.

When a business has multiple sites, managing employees can become challenging. The lack of face-to-face contact and the inability to inspect sites in person creates a disconnect between management and construction employees. Fortunately, there are smart strategies managers can use to stay connected with their workers and keep them engaged.

While you manage your employees, we'll help you manage your leads. Sign up with CraftJack today and find more home service leads in your area.