How To Generate More Painting Leads In California

Finding new leads is a vital part of your contracting business. Though, it’s not always easy to do. Maybe you’ve felt stuck lately on where to look for new leads or you’re running out of ideas to try. The good news is that there are still many opportunities for you to find new leads in your area. If you're new to starting a business, check out our Guide To Starting A Successful Painting Business.


What Makes CraftJack’s Painting Leads Unique

Are you a painting pro looking for more leads in your area? You’ve come to the right place. CraftJack is here to help your painting business grow. While you may already use other tactics like social media or referrals, a lead generation service is always a great way to connect with homeowners who are in need of your services.

However, not all lead generation services are the same. At CraftJack, we want our contractors to have the best of the best, which is why we provide you with a lead generation service that stands apart from the rest.


How Landscaping Companies Can Prepare For Winter

Landscaping is a hands-on job. You tend outdoor spaces in spring, summer, and fall, offer garden design services to a range of residential and commercial clients, and trim hedges and keep weeds in check all over town. Between butterfly borders and patio installation jobs, you’re busy three out of four seasons a year.

Winter might seem like an obvious off-season for landscaping services — but actually, there are lots of things you can do when the wind blows cold. In this article, we’ll explore a few projects you can still do between November and March. Got snow? Great; we’ll tell you how to work the white stuff to your advantage.


How To Find Landscaping Jobs Near Me

Other than being a master of your trade, three of the most important aspects of successful landscaping businesses are: having quality lead generation, bidding jobs correctly, and landing the job. Many contractors are top-notch tradesmen but may not know how to generate more landscaping leads. If you're new to starting a business, check out our Ultimate Guide To Starting A Landscaping Business.


Video: Landscaping Leads

From maintaining lawns to adding water features, landscaping contractors really can do it all! But, do your customers know that? Here at CraftJack, we can help.

If you’re a landscaping pro looking for more leads in your area, you’ve come to the right place. On top of helping you find more jobs near you, we also offer our pros dedicated account management and a unique Speed-To-Call discount. Watch the video below to see how CraftJack can help you.

If you’re ready, sign up for CraftJack today and start receiving leads in your area.


Landscaping Industry Trends

Though many industries change over time, landscaping might be one of the trades that experiences the most frequent fluctuations in business flow and project type. After all, the landscaping industry is heavily dependent on the weather and seasons, creating variation in the types of jobs you’ll see. If you're new to starting a business, check out our Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Landscaping Business.


Lead Generation Expectations Vs. Reality

Deciding whether lead generation is right for your home service company can be challenging with all the myths and half-truths out there. Discover the top 10 misconceptions about lead generation, its advantages and how to win bids like a true pro. 

Becoming an entrepreneur is a real possibility for anyone who's mastered their skill set, has a relentless work ethic, and is determined to succeed despite any setback. For home service professionals, starting a company and succeeding in your local area is easier than ever thanks to the internet. However, there's a lot of misinformation out there, especially regarding lead generation.


Cómo Encontrar Mas Trabajos de Techado En Texas

A diferencia del resto del país, donde hay una demanda regular de profesionales de techado, el estado de Texas parece tener una necesidad continua y constante de este tipo de contratistas, en gran parte debido a su clima benévolo y mayormente estable. Sin embargo, aun cuando la oferta de trabajos de techado en Texas parece estar muy por encima de la de otros estados, todos aquellos empresarios de techado deberán seguir algunos pasos para crear un negocio exitoso. Es por eso que aquí le decimos como encontrar más trabajos de techado en Texas sin importar si apenas empieza a pensar en abrir su propio negocio, o ya tiene años trabajando en la industria. 


Cómo Encontrar Más Trabajos De Limpieza En Florida

Uno de los grandes retos que enfrentan los contratistas de limpieza es que, sin importar cual tipo de limpieza es su especialidad, su meta empresarial siempre debería ser encontrar nuevos clientes, al tiempo que mantienen satisfechos  a los existentes. Afortunadamente, el estado de Florida, con su clima cálido y relativamente estable, tiene una gran disponibilidad de trabajos de limpieza a lo largo de todo el año y los contratistas solo necesitan aplicar unas sencillas estrategias e invertir el tiempo necesario para poder atraerlos, ayudando así al crecimiento de sus empresas. Es por esto que aquí les presentamos algunos consejos prácticos que pueden implementar para encontrar más trabajos de limpieza en Florida.


How To Create A Growth Plan For Your Company

Discover the top mistakes small business owners make when trying to grow a home improvement company and how to avoid them. Plus, learn the three secrets to a successful marketing plan for business growth.

While it's crucial that small business owners focus on the positives when selling services to customers, strategy is all about fielding problems. To create a bulletproof marketing plan for your home service company, you first need to understand the common mistakes company owners make.