7 Lead Generation Tips You Can Try Right Now

Lead Generation Tips You Can Try Right Now

Lead generation can take time to show results. As a contractor, you should have a good mix of both long-term and short-term strategies to help generate new leads.

While it won’t be instant, there are actions you can take to help move your lead generation forward to see further success. However, it won’t always come easy. You will have to use time and money to help these efforts become successful. Here are a few lead generation tips you can try right now to help find new business.

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Lead Generation Service

1. Lead Generation Service

One of the best ways you can start to generate more leads near you is a lead generation service. You can easily receive leads from homeowners in your area looking for your services. Keep in mind, each lead generation service is different, so you’ll want to research what might be best for you and your business.

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Email Marketing Leads

2. Email Marketing

If you haven’t tried email marketing yet, now might be the time. It’s a great way to directly engage with previous and prospective customers. Email marketing does take some time to set up and do correctly, but it’s certainly something you can try this week! Set up a regular time to send, monthly or weekly depending on how much you’d like to devote to it. See 7 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing for more tips.

3. Engage With Past Customers

Your previous customers are often an underutilized source of potential leads. If it’s been some time since their last service, you can reach back out to see if they have any needs around the house that you can help with. For example, if you’re an HVAC Pro, you may want to see if their system needs a tune-up. Landscaping pros might want to share any new regular services that have been added that previous customers can take advantage of.

You can also contact previous customers for referrals. While they might not have a need at this time, they might know of a friend or neighbor that does. Offer them a discount or a special thank you to encourage more referrals from previous customers.

Social Media Leads

4. Connect On Social Media

If you’re a pro who is actively using online marketing to generate more leads, it’s likely that you already have social media pages for your company. This is a great first step. But simply having social media accounts simply isn’t enough. A great way to generate leads is engaging in conversation with people who have commented on your Facebook page or other social media accounts. Join groups on Facebook that are location-based to connect with even more people in your area. You may be able to share some helpful knowledge or even land a job from questions that you see.

5. Start a Blog

While writing might not come naturally to some, it’s a great way to share more information about your business and expertise in your trade to potential customers. Blogs provide additional information to prospective and current customers to learn more about the work they need to get done and even why you’re the best for the job. Not sure where to start? Read 5 Rules For Contractor Blogging to learn more about how this can be a useful lead generation tool for you.

6. Update Your Portfolio

When was the last time you added more great photos of your work to your website or profile? If you can’t remember, now’s the time to do so. Photos are a great way to share with the customer what your work looks like and help inspire their next project. You don’t even need a professional camera to take great photos— just a little know how! High-quality photos show your professionalism and your ability to do the job.

7. Respond To Reviews

You should be responding to all reviews, both good and bad. Taking the time to do this can help homeowners see that you go above and beyond for your customers. Saying thank you to a previous customer that left a positive review can just increase their experience and keep you top-of-mind for when they need to hire a pro again.

Negative reviews, although disappointing, should be handled professionally and with an eagerness to resolve the situation. Not responding is a sign that you don’t care, so take the time to respond to your reviews and ask the customer how you can resolve the situation.

Some contractors have the problem of too few reviews. At the end of a job, be sure to ask the homeowner to leave you a review, so you can continue generating more leads.


Lead generation should be at the forefront of a contractor’s mind. After all, this is what’s going to help your business grow. Take some time today to try out one or two of these tips and see how they can help you!

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