How CraftJack Focuses On Leads That Work

Leads That Work

We all know there is a difference between a good lead and a bad lead. Good leads come from real humans, people who are serious about having work done and ready-to-hire. Good leads also do not jump through hoops before landing in your inbox.

Lead generation is a partnership between the contractor and lead gen company. The contractor must call his or her leads quickly and follow up if the homeowner doesn’t answer, while the lead generation company must provide quality leads to that contractor.

Utilizing the tools below, CraftJack doesn’t only provide the best leads possible, but the tools all contractors need to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Red Phone

Verified Leads

The Internet is a tricky place, with lots of low-quality websites utilizing algorithms and deceptive tactics to generate leads. CraftJack never resorts to these kinds of tactics.

The second a homeowner submits a lead to CraftJack, our system gives them a call to ensure they are in fact a real person. Any lead that contains an invalid or disconnected phone number is automatically rejected. And if the homeowner has second thoughts about submitting the service request, they have the opportunity to opt-out, saving the contractor time and money. Watch the entire process below:

Quality Leads

A good lead generation company needs to generate its own leads. Certain lead gen companies do not know how to find real homeowners and furthermore, don’t know how to verify that those leads are in fact real. Therefore, they decide to purchase leads from other less-reliable affiliate marketing sites. CraftJack is proud to say that we never buy leads from malicious sites.

Targeted Leads

Next, receiving targeted leads in a specific area for a specific trade is key in lead generation. Many lead generation companies provide broad service categories that do not break down into specific tasks under that service category. For example, some companies group all kitchen remodeling leads. The better companies break it down into specific tasks such as cabinet installation, countertop repair and so on.

Furthermore, the other part of the targeted formula is location. Your lead generation company should only provide specific category leads in the exact cities and zip codes you want.

In the signup process, CraftJack ensures all pros sign up for the exact trades they want in the exact areas they service. And with CraftJack’s Lead Manager, you can update your services and service areas at any time. (If you don’t have time to update your services, call your dedicated CraftJack account manager to help you out.) Once all set, CraftJack pros can rest assured knowing they will never get a lead for a trade you don’t offer or in an area you don’t service.

No Hassle Credit Policy

Despite our strict qualification process, bad leads can fall through the cracks. If you end up talking to a renter or get a fax number by accident, we will credit you back for that individual lead. You can even request a credit via CraftJack’s Lead Manager without ever calling your account manager!

Tool Assortment

Tools & Incentives

A lead’s quality is just as dependent on the recipient as it is on the lead provider. Without a prompt, professional response from a qualified pro, a lead’s value plummets. As we have said time and time again, the faster you call the lead, the better. Homeowners want to be contacted right away. They don’t want to wait 10 hours to hear from a contractor.

And since following up is just as important as that initial phone call, CraftJack’s easy-to-use Lead Manager provides tools for tracking the disposition of each lead, from contact to job-won.

High-Quality Customer Service

In addition to our tools, incentives and no-hassle credit policy, we also offer every contractor a dedicated account manager.

Unlike larger companies where you may talk to a different account rep every time you call in, CraftJack pros will have the direct phone number and email address for their dedicated account manager. By getting to you know our customers every time you call in, it ensures we offer you the highest quality service possible.

Your CraftJack account manager will always be available to add or remove services, update your service areas or even discuss how you can make more money with your CraftJack leads. No matter the reason, we will always have your account manager ready to take your call.

IPhone App

iPhone App (Coming Soon!)

CraftJack has its own app you can use wherever you are. Download for iPhone or Android and start taking advantage of these great features.


CraftJack’s primary focus is lead quality. CraftJack verifies each and ever lead, generates our own leads, and of course, offers targeted leads to all contractors.

If you’re looking to get the quality leads you deserve, gives us a call at 877-655-6449 or email us at