How To Find Local Home Improvement Leads For Your Business

Find Local Leads

Finding the right leads is what makes a difference in your business’s success. A good lead will be ready to start their project and is in your area. All leads should be evaluated as each presents a different opportunity.

While this might seem like a challenge for some pros, it is possible to find leads and win more jobs in your area. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of creativity to find the right ones. See a few tips to find local home improvement leads for your business.

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Find Local Leads

Lead Generation Service

Of course, one of the best ways to go about finding and receiving local leads is with a lead generation service, like CraftJack. By signing up, you can easily receive local leads specific to your trade. From there, it’s up to you to win the job. There are local homeowners looking for your service and we’ve made it easier to find them.

Use Social Media

Social Media

If you’re not already using social media to connect with potential customers, you should be. It’s an invaluable tool that can allow you to directly reach who you want to talk to on a budget. Create a Facebook page to start engaging with local homeowners near you. Google My Business is another must for any contractor looking to win local leads. It puts you right in front of the audience you want.

Of course, if you have budgeted for your marketing efforts, it might be a good idea to consider targeting advertising efforts on social media. Often, you can target to a very specific demographic that you want to reach, to better increase your chances of finding valuable home improvement leads.

Community E-Message Boards

Gone are the days of the community bulletin boards. Now it’s all online. Sites like Everyblock and Patch make it easy for contractors to connect with homeowners’ needs. Often, it’s the homeowner that will reach out on one of these avenues to ask if anyone knows a “reliable plumbing pro” or “someone who can repair a roof.” These leads are waiting for you and are free to respond to, share your expertise and let them know why you’re the right pro for the job.


Volunteer Projects

Connecting with your neighbors is a great way to meet homeowners who might need your help in their home. A great way to do so and reinforce your brand is through volunteer projects. Maybe the community is gathering to improve the landscaping in a local park or the elementary school nearby needs a fresh coat of paint. Not only is this a great way to give back to your community, but you can share your knowledge of your trade directly. When community members have a need that comes up in their home, it’s more likely they will think of you for their home improvement project.

Local Networking

Many towns want to support their small businesses. Often, you can find luncheons or small events dedicated to connecting small business owners with the community. Find out when networking events like this happen in your community and get involved. Don’t forget to come prepared with business cards and a short pitch that explains who you are and what your business does.

Use Technology


If you’re looking for local home improvement leads, the best resource you have is your current local customers. They can share with neighbors and friends in their area about your excellent service. If you’re looking boost referrals and find more local leads, one of the best tactics you can try is to simply ask. Some pros find luck with incentivizing past customers to share the word with a discount on their next service. Others may send an email reminder to previous and current customers to share with neighbors about their business. Try one or try all three to see what brings back the best results.

Win The Job

As a pro, you know finding the right leads is only half of the work. The other piece of the puzzle is winning the job. Know what differentiates you from other pros. Share why your service is unique with the customer. Here are some tips that will help your sales pitch:

  • Be ready to provide an estimate on the project.
  • Call promptly and follow up with the customer.
  • Show up on time for the estimate. If you’re running late, be sure to call the homeowner.
  • Have a business card ready so they have your information if they need to contact you.


Finding local home improvement leads is important to the success of your business. Try out new tactics that may help you connect and network with homeowners in your area. You never know when or where you might find a lead, so be prepared with a business card and short pitch to help you win the job.

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