Welcome To CraftJack: How Your Account Manager Can Help You


As a part of the CraftJack team, I’m proud to say I get to work with some truly wonderful people. Each of my coworkers brings something unique to the CraftJack office. This week, I want to highlight the account management team.

Our account managers are here to help, whether you need to pause your account or are looking for helpful business advice. Learn more about our account management team and how they can support you every step of the way, from getting your account set up to winning jobs.

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The CraftJack Team

What Do Account Managers Do?

When you join the CraftJack network, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager. Every day, the team comes in to support you and your growing business.

“CraftJack account managers are the best resources for helping pros get the most out of the service,” Alex Orfanos, account manager, said. “We’re here to help. Many of our clients are new to lead generation and we can help pros get up and running smoothly. Even for contractors who are experienced with lead generation, we can help maximize results, too.”

Your account manager will get to know you and your business so that he or she can provide tailored recommendations that will help your company succeed. Our account management team knows our products and services inside and out and is the best resource for you when it comes to training and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your leads.

“Three things that define the account management team: we’re easy to work with, we want you to be successful, and we’re also bilingual,” Orfanos said.

How Your Account Manager Can Help You?

But what can account managers help with? “We can assist with things such as small admin help on your account all the way up to macro-strategies for your lead generation best practices,” Peter Swanson, senior account manager/team lead, said. “We also function as technical help for our customers who prefer to speak with a representative.

”Here are some things your account manager can assist with:

  • Pausing your account
  • Understanding the Lead Manager tools or Pro app
  • Resources to get more leads
  • Requesting a credit
  • Answering questions about your account or the company
  • Setting your service area

Why Our Account Managers Are The Best

As you can see, the CraftJack account managers truly stand out from the rest when it comes to customer service. They are here to help you succeed and a lot of that comes from the teamwork they’ve built upon and dedication to their work.

“The account management team for CraftJack is a tight knit team,” Swanson said. “We pride ourselves on being a personable resource for customers. We have found the right balance of having enough account managers to make sure we can assist our customers, but we are also small enough where our customers can work directly with their personal account manager if they would like to.”

Connecting With Your Account Manager

When you sign up with CraftJack, you should connect with your account manager within the first few days of signing up. As you continue to use CraftJack for lead generation, it’s important to stay in contact with your account manager.

“Pros that work regularly with an account manager have better results than those that don’t,” Orfanos said. “So, if you’re curious about how a CraftJack account manager can help, please get in touch today!”


Having a dedicated account manager for your business is a great benefit we offer here at CraftJack. If you haven’t connected with your account manager yet, do so today!

Call us at 866-456-6977 to hear more about our dedicated account managers and other unique benefits of joining the CraftJack network.