Contractor Spotlight: Aaron Stockstell, Stockstell Services

Aaron Stockstell, owner of Stockstell Services, has worked hard to make his company successful, but he considers CraftJack an integral part of his small business plan. When expanding to a new location, Aaron took a chance on CraftJack and found it had a major impact on the growth of his company. Now, as a CraftJack contractor for all his locations, he focuses on every bid he wins, knowing those are the clients who will help his business continue to meet its expansion goals.

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Contractor Spotlight: Aquarius Fabrications LLC

Nate Walters, owner of Aquarius Fabrications, attributes much of the growth of his business to the leads he receives from CraftJack. With his extensive welding experience, he made the decision to branch out on his own and take control of his professional opportunities once he realized he'd peaked as an employee. To be successful, he puts all his time and efforts into working toward the success of his company. As the founder of Aquarius Fabrications, Nate's one-man operation requires him to fulfill every role within his business, but he recognizes that this path will provide him with more freedom in the future.


Your Leads May Have A 2nd Life

Buying leads is a well-established form of marketing that is a necessity for many small businesses to increase sales and bring in new customers. Marketing is crucial to winning projects, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come without a cost. In order to accurately analyze your data, you should consider the second life that your leads have.

To ensure you are effectively spending your marketing budget, it’s important to periodically examine how much you spend per job earned. Looking at the cost per job is more beneficial than cost per lead because it allows you to compare the money you spend to the money that is coming in. Remember, a lead doesn’t necessarily mean a customer. And on the flip side, one lead could land you multiple jobs.


Contractor Spotlight: Tailored Property Care

We spoke with Taylor Harricharan, owner of Tailored Property Care, and he explains the nuances of starting a business from scratch and what it takes to keep growing his business. While using CraftJack for lead generation, Taylor also finds success in having strong confidence when it comes to landing a potential lead. We are proud to feature Tailored Property Care in our Contractor Spotlight!

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How To Market Your Business For Different Seasons

Good marketing takes strategic thinking and truly getting to know your audience to execute a successful marketing campaign. Marketing tactics can vary from season to season. Different strategies can be used each season to help increase your marketing efforts.


Winter means hibernation and being cooped up in the house. The winter season is when homeowners take advantage of barely going outside to get extensive indoor home improvement projects done. These can include painting, remodeling, and drywall. During the winter months, people will be searching the web more and going out less. This is the perfect opportunity to step up your digital game. If you don’t have social media accounts, this is a great time to set some up. Start with Facebook and try to engage with your current and potential customers. This is a quick, easy way to create engagement among your company’s fans.


Four Ways To Improve Your Follow-Up Process

Let’s face it. Not all contractors are as diligent as they should be when following up with leads. Often, contractors lose jobs to other contractors with stronger follow-up processes, throwing away thousands of dollars of potential revenue.

Here are four ways contractors can improve their follow-up process to schedule more estimates and close more leads:

1. Call your leads faster. One of the main reasons home improvement contractors lose leads is that they are too slow to make the first call. When a homeowner is looking to start a home improvement project, they typically reach out to many contractors for answers to their questions and estimates.


CraftJack’s Pros Stand Out

We reached out to our trusted pros in various industries, from painting to fabrication, and handyman services, to share with us a little about their business journey and their CraftJack experience. Here’s what they have to say.

Home Improvement & Design is turning customer's landscapes into beautiful creations. With over 20 years experience, Mike Kortoci shares how using lead generation at CraftJack has helped his company grow.

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El Mejor Calzado Para El Profesional De Techado Y Otros Suministros

Como contratista de techado usted sabe lo peligroso que puede ser caminar sobre el techo de cualquier estructura. Ya sea una casa o un negocio, los techos pueden ser peligrosamente resbalosos, lo cual puede poner su salud y hasta su vida en riesgo. Es precisamente por esto que usted deberá ser muy cuidadoso y estar preparado con el equipo adecuado para hacer su trabajo de forma segura. Es así que el primer paso que deberá dar, antes de aceptar cualquier trabajo de techado, es el de encontrar el calzado adecuado que le permita caminar de forma segura sobre cualquier techo. Cabe mencionar que no todos los zapatos de trabajo le proporcionarán la seguridad y la comodidad necesarias para laborar en un techo. Es claro que este tipo de trabajo no puede realizarse con cualquier tipo de zapato, por lo que usted necesita encontrar un par de botas o zapatos de trabajo que tengan un buen agarre y sean cómodos para evitar resbalones y caídas. Siga leyendo para conocer las mejores opciones del mercado. 


How To Find More Roofing Leads In Florida

Are you a Florida contractor looking for more roofing leads? Learn how to expand your marketing efforts to bring you the leads you need and how using a lead generation service like CraftJack can help connect you with Florida homeowners who need your services.

Roofing work is a critical part of maintaining a home, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts demand for this service is unlikely to change over the next 10 years. With the industry sitting in a period of stability, it's more important than ever to take the lead generation steps needed to secure the roofing jobs that support your business. In Florida, a state known for extreme weather events, roofing leads can come from different sources, depending on your service area. Learn all about finding success in increasing your leads as a Florida roofing contractor.


¿Cómo Iniciar Una Empresa De Mantenimiento?

Hoy día, después de los devastadores efectos económicos de la pandemia global del Covid-19, más y más personas comienzan a buscar a contratistas de mantenimiento que se hagan cargo de aquellas tareas que se desatendieron durante el confinamiento que todos tuvieron que vivir a raíz de la proliferación de la enfermedad. Esto significa una bonanza especial para aquellos contratistas que desean proporcionar esta clase de servicios a los propietarios de vivienda en su zona de influencia. Si usted está interesado en establecer una empresa de mantenimiento, seguramente tiene muchas preguntas sobre el procedimiento que debe seguir para lograrlo. En este artículo contestamos algunas de sus preguntas al respecto. Siga leyendo para conocer las respuestas.