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General Contractor Business Plans: A Guide | CraftJack

Creating a general contractor business plan is a great way to set company goals and access financing. Get started now at CraftJack.

Whether you build new homes or focus on additions and home remodeling, creating a general contractor business plan is like setting a strong, sturdy foundation to support future business growth. This inclusive document tells you and other readers, including financial partners and potential investors, what your company does and why. It can help you assess your company's strengths and weaknesses in relation to industry trends and standards, turning a hazy business idea into a well-defined and potentially lucrative economic opportunity.


15 HVAC Industry Trends Shaping Your Business | CraftJack

Embrace innovation and stay ahead of competitors by learning about the top 15 HVAC industry trends and how to incorporate them into your business model.

The HVAC industry has changed a lot in 10 years. Whether you've been working in the trade and just opened your HVAC business or you're a veteran service provider, you've likely already witnessed significant transformation. As consumer expectations shift and technology continues to advance faster than ever, the demands on contractors to continually raise their game are only set to increase. 


12 Electrical Contractor Marketing Ideas | CraftJack

Marketing makes it easier to find new customers. Use these electrical contractor marketing ideas to grow your business and maximize your revenue.

No matter how skilled you are as an electrical contractor, your business won't succeed if potential customers don't know it exists. That's why marketing is so important. Unfortunately, many contractors lack confidence in their marketing abilities, leading them to focus on other things. If you want to improve your marketing skills and grow your business, implement these electrical contractor marketing ideas.


How to Get HVAC Leads | CraftJack

Running a successful heating and cooling business is all about knowing how to get HVAC leads. Check out CraftJack's tips for HVAC lead generation.

Careers in the HVAC field are rising in demand, with the global market projected to reach a size of almost $370 billion by the end of this decade. As part of that fast-growing sector, it's important for individual HVAC contractors to know how to stand out and generate leads.


Thanksgiving Special: Featured Contractors

At CraftJack, we're thankful we get to work with amazing contractors who are improving the homes and lives of homeowners across the country everyday. Today, we want to put the spotlight on two amazing companies.

Koala Insulation of North Houston is an insulation company that services Montgomery County and Harris County in North Houston. Their vision is to deliver efficiency and improve comfort, and they always put their customers' priorities first.


25 Seasonal Business Ideas to Boost Your Income | CraftJack

Weigh these 25 seasonal business ideas to see if you can turn your hobbies and interests into a viable part-time side hustle and boost your income. 

With inflation climbing ever higher, the number of people opting to open a seasonal business is skyrocketing. As home prices and the cost of living go up, and automation and AI loom large, having a multifaceted career path looks firmly set to become the norm.

For many, setting up a part-time business isn't about necessity at all. It's driven by passion, purpose, and self-actualization — and the opportunity to turn a hobby into profit. Check out the 25 seasonal business ideas below for inspiration. 


Important HVAC Safety Tips for Technicians | CraftJack

Don’t work another HVAC job before checking out our top HVAC safety tips for technicians. 

If you're an HVAC technician, you know your job comes with risks. Before going to another work site, ensure you’re protected as much as possible. Check out these 15 HVAC safety tips that can help keep you safe and reduce the chances of workplace injury. 

And when you have safety covered and are ready to find new HVAC customers, you cansign up with CraftJack to get high-quality, phone-verified leads in your area.


Plumbing Marketing Ideas: Grow Your Business | CraftJack

No matter how much experience you have, marketing is essential for growing your business. Use these 25 plumbing marketing ideas to increase revenue.

No matter how much plumbing experience you have, you need to market your business to make sure you have enough customers. Many plumbing contractors avoid marketing because they think it's too difficult or too expensive, but there are many things you can do to promote your business without overspending. Try these 25 plumbing marketing ideas to increase your revenue.


Electrician Van Setup Ideas to Boost Efficiency | CraftJack

Staying organized is one of the best ways to succeed as an electrician. Discover how your electrician van setup can make a difference.

When you think of running a successful electrician business, you probably think about delivering excellent customer service, choosing the right pricing structure, and hiring qualified employees. These things are important, but many electricians neglect the importance of maintaining an organized work vehicle. The right electrician van setup makes it easy to find tools and supplies, ensuring you can complete each job in as little time as possible. Keep reading to find out how to set yourself up for success.


How to Be a Successful Electrical Contractor | CraftJack

Success in the electrical business takes discipline, skill, planning, and knowledge. Read CraftJack's tips on how to be a successful electrical contractor.

As the demand for electricians grows, it can be enticing for someone with experience in the field to get into independent contracting. It's an opportunity to be your own boss and have the satisfaction of building and growing your own operation in your own way.

Setting yourself up for entrepreneurial success, however, means thinking hard about what you want to achieve, how much you want to achieve it, and above all, knowing how to plan and execute in ways that will yield sustainable results. Read on for crucial tips on how to be a successful electrical contractor.