How to Be a Successful Electrical Contractor | CraftJack

Success in the electrical business takes discipline, skill, planning, and knowledge. Read CraftJack's tips on how to be a successful electrical contractor.

As the demand for electricians grows, it can be enticing for someone with experience in the field to get into independent contracting. It's an opportunity to be your own boss and have the satisfaction of building and growing your own operation in your own way.

Setting yourself up for entrepreneurial success, however, means thinking hard about what you want to achieve, how much you want to achieve it, and above all, knowing how to plan and execute in ways that will yield sustainable results. Read on for crucial tips on how to be a successful electrical contractor.


What Are Soft Costs in Construction? | CraftJack

Understanding soft costs in construction can help you create accurate budgets and set profitable prices. Learn more and grow your leads with CraftJack.

Soft costs in construction are costs indirectly related to construction projects. These expenses don't typically arise from the physical structure being built or the construction process. Thus, soft costs are often easy to overlook or underestimate. Soft costs usually take up about 30% of total expenses, but they play a major role in the management and outcome of the overall project.


How to Start a Tree Service Business | CraftJack

Learn how to start a tree service business from scratch. Once it’s running, contact CraftJack to find out how we can help you build your client list.

If you're looking for a business opportunity that puts you in a fast-growing industry, has high earning potential, and gets you outdoors during the week, a tree service business might be just what you're looking for. If this is your first business venture or you've never worked as a tree service professional, you may be wondering how to start a tree service business and give it the best chance of success. Fortunately, the process isn't as difficult as you might think, and the potential return on your investment is significant with the right approach.


How to Start a Plumbing Business | CraftJack

Learn how to start a plumbing business in just 7 steps. Discover legal requirements and financing options; learn how to get customers and read tips for success.

Are you ready to use your plumbing skills to open your own small business? Not so fast! There’s a lot to think about before you can get started. Do you know the licensing and certification requirements? Have you gotten financing? Do you understand business structures?  Knowing how to start a plumbing business can give you a boost toward success. If you have a plan to follow, you’re less likely to miss a step and can start your business journey with confidence. 


14 HVAC Marketing Ideas for Contractors | CraftJack

With the right marketing plan, it's possible to grow your business by leaps and bounds. Use these 14 HVAC marketing ideas to generate more revenue.

No matter how long you've been in business, you need to market consistently. A good marketing strategy builds trust, increases brand awareness, and makes it more likely that people in your target audience will buy from you instead of hiring one of your competitors. If you're ready to increase your revenue and connect with more customers than ever before, start with these 14 HVAC marketing ideas.


When Contractors Must Respond To Online Reviews

When it comes to marketing, social media has made it much easier for small businesses to compete with the seemingly limitless marketing budgets of large firms. Instead of spending your limited funds on television advertisements, direct mail pieces, and other expensive promotional methods, you can promote your business by engaging with current and potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites.

One way to engage is to respond to online reviews that have been posted about your business. Although responding to reviews is a great way to demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to customer service, there are some potential pitfalls to avoid. Keep reading to learn more about using review responses to promote your business.


15 Must-Have Carpentry Tools for Contractors | CraftJack

Unlock your contractor business's potential with our list of must-have carpentry tools. Enhance your efficiency and improve work quality. Learn more now!

Running a successful contracting business often comes down to having the right tools for the job. From a simple hammer to complex power tools, the arsenal of a carpenter dictates the quality and efficiency of their work. In this guide, we'll outline the must-have carpentry tools every successful contractor should consider.

Perhaps the most effective tool of all, however, is lead generation. As the leading lead generation website and app for contractors, CraftJack is here to help you set yourself up for success. Start connecting with new customers today through the CraftJack Pro app and put those carpentry tools to use.


How to Price HVAC Jobs Perfectly and Grow Your Business | CraftJack

Increase sales and bolster your reputation by learning how to price HVAC jobs. Get advice on costs and estimates to win more jobs and delight customers.

As an HVAC small business owner, how much you charge customers for services lies at the core of your company's long-term success. Operating margins dictate profits, and influence which target audiences you appeal to, and how many jobs you win. Without a carefully planned pricing strategy, you're more likely to overcharge or undercharge clients and could struggle to thrive and grow. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to price HVAC jobs. 


Power of Reviews: Why They Matter for Home Service Business Owners

Discover the importance of reviews for home service businesses and learn how to use them to your advantage. Build trust, create context, and provide additional information for potential customers with unbiased opinions. 

Online reputation management is something contractors often neglect, but it's essential to the long-term growth and sustainability of a business. Building up an extensive list of positive reviews can help make your company appear more trustworthy to potential customers. But how can you maximize the impact of positive reviews, and what should you do about negative ones?


Tips on Managing Angry Customers

Learn how to effectively manage angry customers with these tips for home service business owners. From communication strategies to de-escalation techniques and issue resolution, this guide has you covered.

Even the most successful businesses will have the occasional dissatisfied customer. What matters is how you handle those customers. Learning how to work with difficult customers, identify the issues they're having, and reach a positive resolution is an essential skill for any contractor.