5 Maneras de Hacer Crecer Su Negocio En El 2021

El 2020 fue un año inédito con todos los sucesos relacionados a la pandemia y todos aquellos retos presentados por nuestras vidas cotidianas, es imposible creer que podríamos haber predicho lo que iba a suceder. Pero con los grandes avances que trae el 2021, podemos pronosticar que habrá un crecimiento económico que beneficiará de formas distintas a  las empresas contratistas que apenas estén pensando en impulsar un crecimiento empresarial o bien que ya lo tengan planeado desde hace un tiempo.  Pero ¿Cómo puede un contratista hacer crecer su negocio en el 2021 con todos los retos que pudieran presentarse en un mundo que ya no es el mismo de  hace un año?


The Difference Between Proactive & Reactive Customer Service

For as long as business has been a thing, most companies have approached customer service from a reactive perspective. That is, they respond to consumer queries, concerns and issues as they arise. The digital revolution means people have increased access to a greater number of products and services than ever — which also means a more competitive marketplace.

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Contractor Spotlight: Tanks Roofing & Contracting

Unlike many of us, Danny Harding pretty much knew what he was going to be when he grew up at the age of 13. He started working on roofs and other home improvement jobs in Philadelphia with his father as a teenager and has stuck with it ever since.

Thanks to years of experience, Danny took the big step and started his own business, Tanks Roofing & Contracting, back in 2012. I recently chatted with Danny to hear how he got started, what he thinks of CraftJack and some of his most memorable projects he got from some of our roofing leads.


Overcome Your Speedbumps \[Video\]

How do you face your business challenges? We believe that nothing should hold you back from success. From slower seasons to not winning a job you were hoping to land, we’re here to help you navigate and get back on track.

In the video above, take a look at three of the most common speedbumps we see our pros face and how they overcame them.

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¿Cómo Presupuestar Para El Crecimiento De Su Negocio?

Uno de los grandes temas que preocupan a las empresas y a los contratistas es precisamente el crecimiento de su compañía. Mientras que el crecimiento es una de las metas de todo contratista y empresario, la pregunta más importante siempre será “¿Cuánto me costará hacerlo?” Al considerar este punto en el presupuesto anual de cada compañía, es importante incluir temas como la maquinaria, el personal y la infraestructura que será necesaria para lograr el crecimiento deseado. Sin embargo, no se debe dejar de lado el mercadeo y la generación de clientes potenciales que dará la pauta a que todo el plan se consolide de manera efectiva. Porque la realidad es que sin la obtención de clientes nuevos, no hay posibilidad de crecimiento, aun cuando se invierta una fortuna en otros aspectos.


Contractor Spotlight: O’Reilly Construction

Some of the best advice you can find is from other pros. That’s why I’m happy to share with you today a CraftJack contractor who’s found success in his business and with CraftJack.

Today, we’re featuring O’Reilly Construction. Here at CraftJack, we love getting to work with them to help generate more leads in the area. Bobby O’Reilly was kind enough to answer a few questions for us today about his business. Read more about O’Reilly Construction and what advice Bobby had to share.

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What’s On Your Map? \[Video\]

When was the last time you thought about your business goals? A successful pro has always them in mind. From completing follow-up calls to getting 5-star reviews, having your goals top of mind will make sure you’re taking the steps to achieve them.

Having these goals is a lot like a roadmap, you need a clear path to the journey ahead. One tip we like to share is to celebrate the small victories, like a great review. See what other tips we recommend in the video above.

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Ways To Grow Your Business In 2021

After a year of upheaval, 2021 promises to offer plenty of opportunity to expand your company and build your customer base. If you’re trying to grow your business this year, there are a few simple things you can do to land more jobs and make this your most profitable year yet.

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Contractors who know how to grow a small business into something larger understand that building a great team is a key to success. Hire experienced professionals and offer the kind of work environment and benefits that make them want to stick around. Develop real relationships with your employees and subcontractors, and create clear project goals that make it easier for your team to get the job done.


Can Your Business Go The Distance?

Are you ready to reach new heights with your business? We believe you can overcome your speedbumps, navigate your roadmap and so much more.

In this new series, we are here to help you navigate and share some tips that are proven to work! It is essential to your success. Check out the video above for a preview.

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Contractor Spotlight: Watson Construction & Sales

Everyone has a different story of success, and here at CraftJack we’re happy to be a part of it. On today’s contractor spotlight, we’re highlighting Watson Construction & Sales, who has been taking advantage of all the great benefits our lead generation company can provide.

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