CraftJack’s Pros Stand Out From The Rest

It’s true, CraftJack’s pros are winning jobs and growing their business.

We reached out to our trusted pros in various industries, from painting to fabrication, and handyman services, to share with us a little about their business journey and their CraftJack experience. Here’s what they have to say.

Taylor Harricharan, Tailored Property Care

Taylor Harricharan is taking this to heart when it comes to his new business and partnering with CraftJack to help Tailored Property Care grow.

CraftJack really allowed for me to build up confidence, to have that leading hand into the world you’re getting into. It really helps get your foot in the door.

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Mason Marquis, Spraytex Painting

Every great business plan has a strategy. See what Mason Marquis, owner of spray text painting has to say about using lead generation at CraftJack to the fullest potential.

We've used CraftJack to grow our market share and get in front of new clients.

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Angela Malone, 360° Painting Vancouver

Quality matters. This is what makes 360° Painting Vancouver stand out. In the rainy pacific northwest, they are meeting the needs of their customers with an innovative take on the industry with a specific focus on paint quality.

It started off by one lead. One neighbor sees one neighbor, and then everyone wants to do it. It was awesome.

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Nate Walters, Aquarius Fabrication

From a full-time employee of 14 years, Nate Walters decided to take the leap and start his own business. While owning your own business has plenty of perks, he still has a boss. Find out who in the video below.

To me, they're better than leads, they're prospects and you've qualified them. You've done the work of what I would consider a call center, which is huge.

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Jason Peck, Around The House NWA

Customers are key to business success. No one understands this better than CraftJack Pro Jason Peck, owner of Around The House NWA.

I don’t look at it as sales, I look at it as a conversation of possibilities. – Jason Peck, Around The House NWA

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