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We do all the legwork to find general contracting jobs for residential or commercial projects. We provide leads in real time, so you can be on the phone with potential customers minutes after they submit their details.

Our general contractor job leads generally cost between $102 and $153 per lead.* The price fluctuates based on which level of service you choose as well as how quickly you communicate with the lead. Rest assured that we will never sell the same lead to more than four general contractors. If you want to learn more about how our pricing structure works, complete the form above or call us at 866-332-7134.


We’re not like any other lead generation company. That’s because we offer special discounts for calling quickly, provide every general contractor his or her own dedicated account manager, give contractors credit for bad phone numbers, and offer many more value-added services. With these benefits in place, you receive not only a reduced lead price but also a better shot at winning the job.


Our business is built around finding the leads you need to keep busy. Every lead we bring to you has been verified. We call them individually to ensure they are real people who need contractor services. Because we go the extra mile to verify every lead, be confident that you will have the best odds of converting one into a job. Unfortunately, not all of our competitors believe in offering the same guarantee.


Regardless of whether you serve homeowners or commercial customers, success in lead generation is all about being quick and consistent. The faster you call leads, the better the chance you’ll close the deal. That’s why CraftJack established our Speed-To-Call discount years ago. Any member who reaches out to a lead within 30 minutes of receiving it gets a 20% discount for that lead. This not only saves contractors money but makes them desirable to customers. As of July 2020, our contractors have saved over $5 Million through this program. No other company in the industry offers the same deal.


When CraftJack started in 2011, we focused exclusively on finding residential leads. As that market has grown, however, so has the commercial side of the business. That’s why we have added commercial leads to each of our service categories. 

If your company does not serve commercial clients, no problem. You can still sign up to receive residential general contracting leads.


Every contractor we work with is given a dedicated account manager. Whenever you call us, you’ll be connected with someone who understands your business, schedule and needs. Your professional account manager will know the tips and tricks to get more work. 

If you choose a larger lead generation company, you will not get this level of attention. You’ll bounce back and forth between different representatives every time you call, effectively starting from scratch with each interaction. 


Word of mouth is extremely powerful among homeowners. When customers have a satisfactory experience, their feedback can be some of the best marketing you receive. That is why all of our general contractors can receive free reviews of their services. 

Whenever you receive a lead, just request a review in CraftJack Lead Manager. The customer will receive an email instantaneously. If he or she agrees to leave a review, it will show up on your profile and create a positive impression of your business when other potential clients read it. 


Even with the most advanced technology, bad phone numbers crop up from time to time. If you get a lead with a fake number or for a renter, we will give you credit for that lead. We make it easy: You can request a credit through your CraftJack profile without calling the account manager. 


CraftJack operates a website called ImproveNet. There, we provide informative articles for homeowners and commercial property owners. The site also includes a form where potential leads can submit project details. We gather all relevant information about prospective customers to make certain you’ll want to contact them. We will not give you a lead from outside your service area or for a job you can’t do. 

For more information about the entire process, see the video below:


Now that you know more about what we can do, isn’t it time to give CraftJack a try? Fill out the lead form above, then start receiving the leads you need to succeed. 

If you have any questions, call us at 866-332-7134. 

*Prices are subject to change.

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