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When you turn to CraftJack for locksmith leads, you’ll receive them in real time. That means you can reach out to leads within moments to help you land them quickly.

Our leads for locksmiths cost between $7 and $17 per lead.* This value can change based on what type of service you’ve signed up for and how quickly you contact them. We never sell the same lead to more than four professionals in the same field. If you want to learn more about our pricing, fill out the form above or call 866-332-7134.


We’re different from every other locksmith lead generation company out there. We provide you with special discounts for calling immediately, give you a dedicated account manager, offer you credit for bad phone numbers, and more. These benefits do more than keep the price of your leads down, they also make it easier to win a job.



Speed is essential no matter what kind of lead generation you need. The faster you connect with a potential job, the better your odds are of winning the bid. That’s why we offer a speed-to-call discount and have done so for many years. If you call a lead within 30 minutes of receiving it, you get a 20% discount for that lead. This saves you money and helps you close the deal. As of July 2020, our contractors have saved more than $5 million this way.

There’s a lot of data to back the idea that this works, too. Pros who respond to leads within one minute can improve their conversion rates as much as 391%. What’s more, nearly 88% of all converted leads are called within the first 24 hours. You won’t find this type of discount anywhere else in the industry.



We’ve provided high-quality residential leads since 2011. In that time, however, we’ve seen the commercial market continue to grow. That’s why we decided to add commercial leads to every one of our service categories — including locksmithing. If you’re not in the market for commercial jobs, don’t worry. You are of course free to sign up to receive only residential leads.



Every contractor with whom we work receives a dedicated account manager who is well-versed in your field. Your account manager will know all about your customer base as well as any tips to help you land more work. A larger lead generation company will likely bounce you between representatives every time you call. 


When seeking a locksmith to handle their projects, homeowners and businesses trust word of mouth. That’s why having positive reviews of your work is so critical to landing more jobs. We provide you with free reviews from customers so others can see how satisfied they were. Once you get a lead, you can request a review through your CraftJack Lead Manager. The client will receive that request through email and if the client agrees, the review will show up on your profile.



Even in today’s high-tech world, it’s possible for a bad phone number to slip through the cracks and reach you. If this happens while using our service, we will compensate you with a credit for that lead. If you get a number that doesn’t work or belongs to a renter, just contact your account manager or request a credit through your profile.



We operate websites including ImproveNet where homeowners and businesses can find information to help them with their projects. Eventually, many of these readers will need the help of a professional locksmith. They can fill out a project form with all the information about their property and project. You’ll never receive information about a lead outside your service area or expertise.

To see how the entire process works, watch the video below:


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