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What Our Contractors Are Saying

“Quality leads.”

- Tim Keith, CertaPro of Madison County

“Quality leads and no hassle credits.”

- Karen Beodray, 360 Painting of Cleveland

“One of the better online lead services.”

- Leo Sguera, Sure-Lok Homes

“Great company, great leads, fair prices.”

- Krisha LeClear, Long Island Handyman

“Quick response time and excellent job leads.”

- Mike Davidson, LLS Contracting, LLC

“Easy to use and nice ROI report.”

- Matt Harris, Oak Plumbing

“Excellent value for the investment. I've seen a huge return on my initial investment and highly recommend them. Local leads, responsive customer service.”

- Brendon Suraco, Clear Fork Services LLC

“CraftJack is my favorite lead service. Their leads are more accurate, and I close more of theirs than anyone else's. They don’t over charge, which is the best part.”

- Jennie Schmidt, Project Home Care

“Just started with CraftJack and already like the experience with them and their customer leads, thank you CraftJack. I’m looking forward to our new relationship together.”

- Troy Muncrief, ASAP Tree Service

“It's easy communicating with the account manager and while we're in pause mode we've still acquired some very productive hot leads.”

- Lisa A. Brown, LJB Painting INC & Home Restoration

We've Brought over 1,819,000 Leads to Our Pros

  • “Good value and fair billing practices. Online portal is nice.”

    - Kevin S., Paintcrafters LLC

  • “Web system is easy and it's the only lead service I got a job after trying a few.”

    - Don D., Don DeFlavis Construction, LLC.

  • “Quality leads, lead delivery\crm.”

    - Matt K., Cerletti & Kennedy Design-Build

Find remodeling leads in these categories

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Additions
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Basements
  • Home Appliances
  • Sinks
  • General Remodels

Remodeling Lead Pricing

CraftJack's remodeling leads cost between $5 and $70 per lead.* As you can see, there is a wide range of prices. CraftJack groups all home remodeling leads into three categories:

  1. Additions & Remodels
  2. Appliances
  3. Cabinets & Countertops

The final job price depends on the remodeling service you signed up for and how quickly you call your remodeling lead.

What Makes CraftJack's Exclusive Remodeling Leads Unique?

CraftJack's lead generation software was built with the remodeling pro in mind. CraftJack's ample benefits, compared to other services, not only bring you a higher amount of quality leads, but also help decrease your average cost per remodeling lead and increase your odds of turning that remodeling lead into a remodeling contract.

The Speed-to-Call Discount

In an effort to decrease your cost per lead, CraftJack offers speed to call discounts on all bathroom remodeling leads as well as other types. If you call your remodeling referral within 30 minutes of receiving the lead, you get a 20% discount on that lead. So, let's say one of our kitchen remodeling leads costs $67. If you call within 30 minutes, that lead now costs $53.60. You get this discount when you attempt to call the homeowner. As long as you make the call, using our custom lead generation software, within 30 minutes, you will receive that 20% discount.

CraftJack is the only lead generation company offering the speed to call discount.

Finally, if you needed another reason to call quickly, we have the numbers to back it up. Remodeling contractors who respond to leads within the first minute can improve conversion as much as 391%.

Terrific Credit Policy & Credit Request Process

CraftJack confirms each and every lead that comes into our custom and patent-pending lead generation system. Nonetheless, bad phone numbers can fall through the cracks. If you end up talking to a renter or get a fax number by accident, we will always credit you back for that individual lead. You can even request a credit via your CraftJack profile without ever calling your account manager.

Dedicated Account Managers

In addition to our lenient credit policy, we also offer every remodeling contractor a dedicated account manager. Because we are a smaller company, we assign one account manager to each and every account. Larger lead generation companies have massive call centers that don't provide that personalization and familiarity with their accounts.

Your CraftJack account manager will always be available to pause your account, update your service areas or even discuss how you can save more with your CraftJack leads.

Furthermore, all CraftJack pros can also handle their accounts without an account manager if they prefer. Thanks to our easy to use online portal, all remodeling pros can increase your budget, sign up for a new remodeling trade, add a promotion to your profile and plenty more without an account manager. As long as you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, you are good to go.

Free Reviews

Because our leads have the ability to go to three other contractors, our homeowners have a choice to make. When presented with a decision, they will almost always look at your reviews.

Homeowners want to know what other homeowners are saying about your work. They want to know what it's like to work with you on a small or large remodeling project. Fortunately, all CraftJack pros can receive free reviews.

Furthermore, the CraftJack portal lets you easily send review requests to all your leads. If the homeowner submits a review, that review will show up on your profile and encourage future homeowners to choose you as opposed to another remodeling company.

How Does CraftJack Find Your Remodeling Leads?

CraftJack strives to be as transparent as possible when it comes to lead generation. As such, every CraftJack remodeling pro has a right to know how we garner our remodeling leads.

CraftJack operates two websites called Local Remodeling Quotes and ImproveNet. On ImproveNet, we write and research bathroom, basement, addition and kitchen cost guides as well as articles. Eventually, many homeowners realize that they need a remodeling pro to complete their next granite counter installation or appliance repair project. Once they jump to our remodeling form, we start gathering information to ensure we connect you with homeowners you want to be connected with. As such, you should never receive a lead for a service you do not provide or a lead outside your service area.

For more information about the entire process, see the video below:

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