4 Reasons Why You Need A Lead Generation Sales Script

Sales Script

Lead generation is tricky because it’s information and doesn’t come with any guarantees. That’s why when leads come in, you need to be prepared to not only answer the call, but to do so gracefully.

A sales script isn’t a tool that’s set in stone. It’s a guideline for making sure you cover your main points and get through the conversation with a confident and relaxed tone. See four reasons why you need a lead generation sales script and the benefits of being prepared with one.


1. Allows You to Engage in Conversation

The last thing you want to happen when responding to a lead is to shut down the conversation because you’re not sure what to say next. While you shouldn’t read a script word for word, you should have a plan in place to ask the right questions and keep the conversation going.

Be willing to veer off the script and personalize the dialogue for the prospect you’re speaking with on the phone. Ask questions, listen and respond with empathy and a suggested course of action. Even though you’re the one selling your services, you should never sacrifice following your script in place of flexing to where the conversation is heading.


2. Provides Security

One of the key benefits to having a sales script is knowing that each time your phone rings you’re ready to respond with poise. A sales script provides security that you’ll cover the main benefits and unique qualities and services of your business without skipping a beat. It ensures you don’t leave anything out or have regrets when you hang up the phone.

A lead generation sales script also helps you avoid a poor call experience. The first interaction with your lead is a major factor in how this person will choose to move forward with an appointment or not. Each call is valuable and deserves your full attention and readiness.


3. You’ll Appear More Confident

When was the last time you purchased a service from a salesperson who seemed nervous, unsure and apprehensive? My guess is never. Having a sales script makes you less likely to stumble over your words and stutter.

Appearing confident is even more important when you’re over the phone because the lead can’t see your body language and facial expressions. These are benefits that can really work in your favor if you’re face-to-face with a prospect. This means you have to be even more theatrical in your delivery over the phone than you would in person. Smile, convey a pleasant tone and prove to them you’re confident in yourself and your product.


4. Promises Consistency

A lead isn’t the same as an appointment which isn’t the same as a sale. Consistency reflects stability and reliability in your character and, therefore, in your business. See below for a few ways you will be sure to provide consistency in your sales script.

  • Introductions (unveil your personality)
  • Set yourself up as the expert
  • Listen to their needs
  • Ask for what you want

Remember that these are all guidelines, which means you have control to tweak and alter your sales script if you notice something’s not working for you. It takes practice, a positive attitude and determination to keep hammering it out until you get it right.

Where Do I Start?

Now that you know why you need a lead generation sales script, it’s important you take action and put it into practice. Start by documenting notes and list as many ideas as you can about who you are as a person, company and what you have to offer, specifically what makes you different from the competition. List as many traits as possible and work on whittling it down to the final bullet points later.

Come up with a structure for your script, including a beginning, middle and end. Your goal is always to make it through the conversation so that you set yourself up for the “ask.” Once you have your script outlined, practice, practice, practice and make tweaks. Practice in the mirror, with your spouse or anyone who’s willing to listen. Sales is about delivering a consistent message, in a confident manner, and building relationships. Refining your lead generation sales script allows you to guarantee you’re doing this in all of your interactions.


There’s no wishing, waiting and hoping in sales. You need to be proactive and do what it takes to show your customers you’re willing, able and the right person for the job. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t worry too much about being perfect each time. Worry more about staying in the present moment, driving conversation and making sure you listen and respond to the lead’s needs. The only question I have left for you is, are you ready to get to work?