“Contractors Need Reviews”

Contractor Review

Homeowner reviews are one of the best marketing assets you have at your disposal. You have heard form us via our blog, newsletter and account managers, but needless to say, we are not the ones paying your bills. Homeowners are. That is why we went out and talked to an actual homeowner who hired a CraftJack contractor for their bathroom remodeling job.

Alex, who works in commercial construction, wanted to gut both his guest and master bathroom. Being in the industry, Alex knew a thing or two about bathroom remodeling. Therefore, he designed both bathrooms and was looking for a contractor who could make his vision a reality.

After finding one of our many online resources, Alex was connected with two CraftJack contractors in the Nashville area. Additionally, as most homeowners do, he also received two names from family and friends. After meeting with all four companies, he chose a CraftJack referral, Southern Home Exteriors.

Alex noted that one of the reasons he chose Southern Home Exteriors was their excellent communication. Before signing a contract, they went over all the plans in detail. In fact, during the project, Alex was very impressed with their responsiveness; texting, emailing and calling every day.

“I am a very meticulous person, so I’m probably not the easiest person to deal with,” Alex said. “However, they managed me very well.”

Even more impressive was their level of detail. Budgets and timeline play a huge role in all home remodeling projects, but despite a minor setback, Southern Home met Alex’s expectations.

“They focused on quality first,” Alex said. “Their level of detail was very good.”

Despite discovering rot in the floor, Southern Home Exteriors was able to complete both bathrooms in just seven weeks.

As a result of their excellent work, Alex decided to write a review, something he feels is one of the most important marketing assets for contractors.

“I wish I could have written a review as soon as they started,” Alex said. “It’s important for contractors to have reviews on their profile.”


It’s not just us. Homeowners want to see reviews before they hire a contractor. If your audience wants it, you better give it to them.

Free homeowner reviews is just one the many benefits CraftJack offers. To hear more, please call 866-456-6977.