Document Projects Start to Finish By Photo Blogging

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Our Toolbox contributors here at CraftJack have written several articles about the benefits of blogging, on topics ranging from reasons you should blog, to blogging stats, and tips on actual blogging for contractors. All of these can serve as great tools to help get you started with your own blog. But what I want to focus on here is the idea of creating a blog that specifically documents home improvement projects that you have completed and the building process from start to finish.

Pro Advice, More Jobs, and Inspiration For OthersBlogging is a great way for you to provide professional advice offered to those seeking out that information. It can also offer more exposure for your company and the services you provide to homeowners by increasing traffic to your website and interest in your services. Blogging is also great way to document all that goes into a construction or renovation project and can take a reader on a detailed journey through the entire experience. I always enjoy browsing before and after photos of projects on various websites and find they offer the most inspiration for me. They can truly show hidden secrets and opportunities that you never thought possible in one home and serve as conceptual inspiration for your own home. But what happens in between the time the before and after photos were taken? Documenting the process will show just how much work, effort, and talent goes into any project and might also provide realistic timelines and expectations for other homeowners considering a comparable renovation project themselves.

Photos Do The TrickYour project blog doesn’t have to be lengthy with written descriptions of every detail involved. Save that for the reference book you write down the road. It can be simple photos taken on site with a line or two describing each step of the process. Active followers of your blog and Facebook page will watch eagerly as they anticipate the completion of each project and it’s final photos. New visitors to your site will be able to explore past projects you’ve already completed and documented by browsing them one at a time experiencing the entire project unfold before their eyes.

A Testament to Your Skills and CareerBlogging and documenting your work can be a great asset to your advertising and marketing program and may help increase business through traffic to your site. It will not only serve as a testament to your skills and portfolio, but can also serve as a written journal of your professional career for you or others to enjoy down the road. Check out these 5 reasons you should start a contracting blog.

(Graphic by Noah Mishkin)