Homeowner Trust 101

Homeowner Trust 101

The relationship between a contractor and a homeowner is more than just getting the job done. A good contractor will work to not only give them a great service but also put their fears at ease by increasing homeowner trust.

Homeowner trust is key when it comes to gaining repeat customers. It’s a great way to create repeat customers and positive reviews. In the next few week’s we’ll be sharing a few tips and best practices to earn homeowner trust.

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A Guide To Homeowner Trust

Why Is Homeowner Trust Important?

In any customer and business relationship, there’s an element of trust that needs to be earned. This can happen by reviews, discussion and even in simple interactions. Positive reviews, discussion and customer service can lead to even more reviews and business, as well as a repeat customer.

When it comes to home improvement, customers have fears. They want to know you’re a trustworthy pro who’s going to take care of their project with your expertise. Familiarize yourself with what potential customers are afraid of and help to alleviate their fears to gain repeat customers.

Here are a few topics we’ll cover in this series on Homeowner Trust 101:

1. Understanding Homeowner Financing Options

A fear many customers have is the messy world of financing their home project and where their money is going. Guest author Andy Misek from Finance Guru will be sharing his tips on how contractors can successfully communicate homeowner financing options to help win the job.

2. How To Educate Your Customers On Your Service

As the contractor, you are the expert in your field. While there are many videos and tutorials available, it doesn’t compare to the expertise a professional has, after years of experience. That’s why educating customers on your service not only benefits their knowledge but can help show them why you’re the best for the job.

 3.  The Importance Of An Itemized Quote

As I mentioned before, a big fear for customers is understanding where their money is going. In “The Importance Of An Itemized Quote,” we’ll explore what you should include in your estimate and why the customer finds value in these details.

4. Customer & Contractor Transparency

Forming trust is based on truth and transparency, from all parties. Not only is it important for you to be upfront as the service provider, but you need to encourage your customers to be honest when they have questions or concerns. In the final article of this series, we’ll discuss why customer and contractor transparency is the cherry on top when it comes to developing trust.


We’re very excited about this new series on Homeowner Trust 101 and hope that you enjoy the tips and tricks we plan to share. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest information right to your inbox!