How Loyal Customers Can Help Your Business Grow

How Loyal Customers Can Help Your Business Grow

When you think of ways to grow your business, what comes to mind? Maybe an increase in your marketing budget or discovering new ways to generate leads? The truth is, your loyal customers can be one of the biggest factors when it comes to business growth.

Customer loyalty is a great way to generate new business as well as find new opportunities. If you’re not spending time creating loyal customers, you could be missing out. Here’s how loyal customers can help your business grow and what you can do to build those relationships.

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What Is A Loyal Customer

What Is Customer Loyalty?

You may have heard this before, but do you know what customer loyalty really means? Customer loyalty is any homeowner that has a repeated positive experience with your business, that they choose you over the others time after time. Simply said, it’s the customers who love your business!

These are the customers you want. They are likely to not only come back but refer you to friends, family and neighbors. Loyal customers not only help your business image but your bottom line as well.

Traits Of Loyal Customers

Traits Of Loyal Customers

If you’re seeking out great customers, it’s likely they’re looking for you too. Loyal customers are looking for a business they can rely on and speak positively about. Here are a few ways a loyal customer can help your business.

1. They Call Back for Repeat Service

When you show up at their door to fix a problem, loyal customers are happy you’ve arrived. They know that their home is in good hands with your service, so they continue to call you back when issues arise, or work needs to be done. Based on previous experiences, they know they can count on you and they don’t have any fears that the job will be done any less than perfect.

2. They Leave Positive Reviews

Loyal customers are quick to leave you positive reviews. Why? Because they like your business and the service you provide. When people have a great experience, they generally want to share it with others! However, it doesn’t hurt to ask these customers to leave you a review when the job is done.

3. They Refer You to Others

Similarly to leaving you a review, loyal customers are eager to share with friends and family who might need your services. After all, if they know they can trust you, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t refer you to someone else who needs help.

With social media, word-of-mouth referrals are happening more than ever. It’s easy to put a status up asking for contractors in the area and get recommendations instantly. Make sure you stay top-of-mind with your loyal customers, so they can share your name if this comes up.

How To Grow Customer Loyalty

How To Grow Customer Loyalty

Now that you understand what a loyal customer is, it’s probably time to start ensuring that every homeowner you work with has this potential. The good news is that growing customer loyalty is cost effective and can often be done with just a few extra touches. Here are a few tips:

1. Exceptional Customer Service

Customer loyalty starts with service. A homeowner will never enjoy an experience with a contractor that they don’t feel is professional and meets their needs. Showing up on time, active listening and making sure the job site is clean are just a few ways you can begin to provide exceptional customer service. But, always be looking for ways you can go above and beyond for the customer, to make their experience a memorable one.

2. Provide Discounts & Deals

One way to incentivize customer loyalty for repeat services is by providing a discount or deal. This can work well if additional services are needed, such as landscaping upkeep. Also, sharing a discount or deal for any additional services can help the decision-making process when the customer needs a contractor again.

3. Do The Job Well

It may seem simple, but doing the job well is one of the most effective tools you have when it comes to customer loyalty. This means providing an accurate estimate, making sure the work area is clean and making sure the problem is fixed before saying the job is complete. Contractors who are trying to grow customer loyalty are careful not to cut corners and make sure the work is done to the best of their ability. They also stay accountable for their employee’s work as well as their own.


Customer loyalty is extremely important for any pro looking to grow their business. These are the customers excited about the work you do and want to share with others looking for a contractor. Customer service, repeat customer discounts and making sure the job is done right will help to grow customer loyalty.

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