Is Your Business Seen As Reliable?

If there were one trait that I feel is most important for a person to have, it’s reliability. Knowing you will be there when you say you will, or having a friend who will drop what he is doing to help you out is immeasurable and invaluable. I imagine you will also find that you value those friendships above others. Now imagine what that could do for your own companies reputation.

When bidding a job from a lead you received from a lead-gen company, chances are the homeowner is going to hire a company that called soon after requesting a quote, showed up on time to the estimate, and left them with an overall good feeling about the nature of their business. Keeping that in mind and following those practices, you are likely to see great results from the leads you receive. Homeowners tend to hire a company not because they undercut the cost of the work by $100, but because the contractor they spoke to made them feel comfortable, showed a sense of pride in what they do and how they go about doing it, and felt a commitment and respect toward fulfilling the homeowner’s needs.

I can tell you personally that I have consistently hired one contractor to do work on my house time and time again, because I know that when I call George, he is going to be at my house when he says will, is courteous, will not overcharge me — and does a great job. Could I get a better deal hiring someone else? Perhaps, but knowing that George is realizable each and every time I pick up the phone is more important to me and to most homeowners out there as well.

You might have a team of highly skilled craftsmen working among your crews, but skills won’t matter if you are not seen as being reliable to the customer. What gets you in the door and closing jobs is your dedication, dependability, and attention toward your clientele. These should always be made a priority in your business:

  • Call new leads as soon as possible
  • Always answer the phone and be available
  • Answer emails in a timely manner
  • Show up to meetings, job sites, and estimates on time

So the next time a friend asks you for a ride to the airport at 4:30 am, consider if you are a reliable person and what that might mean to friends and potential clients.

(Flickr photo by _nickd)