New Products: November 2015

New Products

Despite the slow season coming up for contractors across the country, manufacturers are busy updating and creating new products you all need to finish your jobs on time with the precision you guarantee.

With the holidays coming up, manufacturers have stepped it up over the last few months, coming out with numerous tools and products such as outdoor power tools, jobsite radios and much more. See below as we explore the hottest new products coming to market.

If you would like a recap of other new tools released this year, please see New Products: July 2015.

FLIR UltraMax’s Thermal Imaging Camera Resolution Enhancement Technology

Back in September, Flir came out with their Flir T1K Thermal Imaging Camera for a mere $40,000. While many of us can not afford this camera, Flir just made a big enhancement that allows those who can afford it the ability to deliver imagery at much a higher resolution.

The new enhancement gives you 4X the imaging resolution and greater temperature measurement accuracy as well.

As ToolGuyd points out, the image shifts ever so slightly across the thermal imaging sensor as you move. With each shift, the imaging sensor records a slightly different image. An UltraMax thermal imaging camera will record all of these different images.

For more info, please watch the video above or click here.


Hitachi 18V Brushless Angle Grinder

Hitachi recently added to its set of angle grinder tools with their new 18V Brushless Angle Grinder. The compact and lightweight tool is designed to cut rebar or pipe, groove stone or concrete, or grind metal and masonry. The design of the G18DBALP4 features a compact/lightweight body and a soft, slip resistant grip to prevent fatigue and ensure comfort. This item also features an auto mode option that adjusts the RPM to an appropriate speed when the tool is in use while simultaneously decreasing noise and vibration.

The Angle Grinder is available for $159.97 on Amazon.

Jobsite Radios


Milwaukee 2890-20 Jobsite Radio

It seems more pros are whistling while they work, as the past couple of month have been quite busy for jobsite radios.

In October, Milwaukee released an updated version of their 2870 Jobsite Radio with their new 2890 advancement. The new radio looks much more modern, as all technology does, but is also more compact and lighter.

Previous Model 2790: 19.5″ long x 9.5″ and weighing 14.5 lbs.New Model 2890: 15.5″ x 7.75″ and weighing 10.5 lbs.

The jobsite radio is the same price as the original at $119.


Hitachi 18V Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

The new UR18DSALP4 Jobsite Radio features a distinct design you don’t often see for radios of any kind. The radio can run off your Bluetooth, has AM and FM capabilities and can play music from your smartphone. It’s water-resistant and can be powered by a Hitachi 14.4V or 18V Li-ion slide-style battery or AC adapter

Note that the dials are smaller than most jobsite radios, making this version not very glove-friendly.

Hitachi’s new jobsite radio is available for $129.97 on Amazon.

Outdoor Power Tools

Honda VersAttach Outdoor Power Tools

Despite many preparing for winter, Honda recently came out with their VersAttach outdoor power tool system that features two small engine options and handheld power tool attachments. Those attachments include:

  • Edger
  • Line trimmer
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Blower
  • Pruner
  • Cultivator

Well known for gas engines, Honda is expected to produce reputable products that rely heavily on their bread and butter. According to our friends at ToolGuyd, there could be a tradeoff for users who buy the system from Honda.


What products or manufacturers are you working with? Tell us in the comments section below so we can stay on top of their newest products!