Old School Organization Tips

Old School Organization Tips

Despite the endless advances in technology, there are those of us who prefer the old school way of doing things. Whether it’s phone over email or desktop over tablet, there is still room in this world for those of us who like things the way they were. Good thing organization is one aspect of your contracting business that is not depended exclusively on technology.

Even without Internet, there are many ways to stay organized. You could use a wall calendar instead of the one on your computer. You can use sticky notes instead of a reminder app on your phone. You can use good old-fashioned filing cabinets instead of your computer. Below, I will describe three old school methods for staying organized so you can keep your business running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Wall Calendars 

Wall calendars are my favorite way of staying organized, technology or not. I like to visually see what is on my calendar and what is coming up this month. A great way to segment your personal and business life is by hanging a wall calendar at home and one at the office. This way, you won’t get confused on upcoming appointments. Or, if you prefer to have everything on one calendar, you can use different colored sharpies for work and personal.

Contractors are generally described as creative and visual thinkers. We as right brain professionals like to visualize our tasks. That is why a wall calendar is a perfect way to stay organized in the home improvement world.

Sticky Notes

We all need a reminder once in a while. In fact, that is why we added follow up reminders to the CraftJack Lead Manager. There is another way to set reminders and all you need are sticky notes and a pen. Things come up at a moment’s notice and the best way to remember them is to write it down ASAP. Sticky notes keep these important updates in front of you until they are completed. Whether it’s following up with a referral, calling a manufacturer or remembering to send in a bill, sticky notes help you stay on top of your game every day.

Filing Cabinets and Folders

Every job you take deserves it’s own file. Having a detailed history of your pasts jobs and relationships will not only increase your chances of closing a future job with that homeowner, but will also show existing clients you value their input and take their recommendations to heart.

For example, let’s say a homeowner who hired you three years ago gives you a ring. They want to completely redo their living room and remove the fireplace. Before chatting, you review your notes and see the huge financial burden of removing the fireplace. Before calling her back, you explain the situation and make sure they included this expense in their budget. The fact that you went back and knew this information helped the homeowner and showed that you are an organized contractor they can count on. Good thing you kept those filing cabinets.

Try Online

I know this blog was supposed to be about the old school way of staying organized, but the world of online calendars and organizations have come so far. With an iPhone, you can sink your online calendar with your phone and schedule reminders right to your mobile. You can do the same with Google, Microsoft Outlook or virtually any email platform. While I respect everyone who keeps things traditional, the more modern way of staying organized is getting easier by the day.


Technology is not the solution for everything or everyone. While online calendars and reminders are certainly gaining momentum, there is still room in this world for wall calendars, sticky notes and filing cabinets. The old school way of staying organized worked for decades and they still work today. If you are hesitant about making the move to the digital work, feel free to use the above tactics to make sure your business is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

There are other old school ways of doing business. See how good old-fashioned word of mouth can grow your business.