Online Marketing Works & Here’s Proof

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There’s no question that referrals and word of mouth reign supreme when it comes to home remodeling leads. In fact, I am looking to do some flooring and painting work in my new condo and the first thing I did was reach out to friends. They gave me some names and I received five solid quotes.

Nevertheless, the referral river of leads can run dry and no matter how long you’ve been in the business, you’ll have to find leads online. Longtimers may disagree, but the stats and testimonials from CraftJack contractors below prove it!

If you’re ready to give online marketing a try, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

Square Remodeling

Leo Sguera has been in the business for over 20 years. Square remodeling handles everything from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to concrete and siding. Leo is a third-generation carpenter and also a perfectionist. In fact, he does not accept payments until all work is approved.

Being in the business for 20 years, you’d think they could rely on just referrals. Well, as we said, the river runs dry eventually. As such, Leo and Square remodeling signed up with CraftJack in July 2014. Since then, Leo has received 162 remodeling leads.

“One of the better online lead services,” Square Remodeling said. “Great company, great leads, fair prices.”

As you can see, Leo has taken full advantage of online marketing and ran with it. He’s gone a step further and tried multiple lead generation companies. Fortunately, he saw the value in CraftJack and has stuck with us ever since.

CraftJack Benefits

LLS Contracting LLC

As you all know, starting a new business is hard. Unlike contractors who have been in the business for years, you can’t rely on referrals. You have to go out, find new customers, provide an excellent service and then see the leads role in.

To expedite the process, Mike Davidson and LLS Contracting LLC signed up with CraftJack in December 2016. Mike provides snow removal services in New Hampshire. Being a seasonal category, you can imagine the opportunity in December and January. Fortunately, Mike signed up at the right time.

Since December 19, 2016, Mike has received 18 leads, 11 of which have turned into jobs. That means Mike closed 61% of the leads he received with CraftJack. Now that is a terrific close rate!

“Quick response time and excellent job leads,” Mike said.

Oak Plumbing

We know we’re not the only lead generation company out there. In fact, there are several. One such is HomeAdvisor and Oak Plumbing takes advantage of both services.

Serving Northern California, Oak Plumbing knows how to use online marketing. Despite earning a top rated contractor badge on HomeAdvisor, Matt Harris and Oak Plumbing were looking for more leads. In November 2016, they signed up with CraftJack and since then, have received over 20 leads ranging from gas line breakage and water heater replacement to gas piping and faucet installation. 

Additionally, besides the quality leads, Matt and his team appreciate some of the other benefits that separate CraftJack from the pack.

Lead Manager Report

“Easy to use and nice ROI Report.”

The reporting Matt is referring to is our Lead Manager Dashboard. You can see everything from leads received, calls made, average call time and average number of calls per lead. Finally, you can see your ROI. The image above is small glimpse of this in depth report.


As you can see, whether you’ve been in the business for 20 years or one, you will find value in online lead generation. If you’re ready to start receiving more home remodeling leads, give us a call at 866-456-6977.