3 Ways The CraftJack Pro App Helps Your Business


Don’t have the app yet? It’s free to download when you join CraftJack. Call us at 866-456-6977 to join.

1. Sort and Filter Customer Requests

Stay organized with the CraftJack Pro App. Our app will organize all your active customer requests and make it easy to see pending estimates and where follow-ups are needed.

How to do this? To sort your customer requests, open the app and go to the LEADS tab, tap the active filter or Filter button at the top of the screen, and select how you want your leads to appear.


CraftJack Pro makes it easier than ever to get your discount by connecting with leads right away. CraftJack offers a 20% discount on a lead you call within 30 minutes or less, and with our app it’s never been easier to connect with customers.

How to do this? Open the app and on each customer request the app will track the time you have left to call a lead in order to receive your discount. Never miss your discount again.


3. Get Directions To Your Next Appointment

Access directions to each customer request instantly using your favorite map apps. With this feature you’ll never need to ask for directions again.

How to do this? Open a customer request and tap on the map directions in the details. The app will automatically prompt you to navigate to that location.


We know contractors have busy schedules, and the CraftJack Pro App is just one way we’re trying to make your lives easier. Pros who use the app are able to more easily keep their leads organized, take advantage of the speed-to-call discount and get directions to their next job.

The CraftJack Pro App is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

If you want to receive more homeowner leads, give us a call at 866-456-6977!