What Trade Organizations Do Remodeling Pros Need To Know About

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Remodeling contractors have a unique job. Their profession requires a practical skill set, top-notch organizational abilities, and an understanding of all the pieces that must come together to complete a job. To stay on top of their game, remodeling pros should spend time learning new tricks and techniques to improve their business.

If you’re a remodeling pro, you’re probably used to juggling a lot of roles at once. For support, many turn to remodeling trade organizations to learn and connect with other like-minded contractors. If you’ve been on the fence about joining a trade organization, here are a few reasons why you should become a member and what associations might be best for you.

Joining a trade organization can be a great way to generate new leads, on top of many other great benefits. However, it shouldn’t be the only way you’re finding new jobs. Sign up with CraftJack today and start receiving leads from homeowners in your area.

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Why Join A Remodeling Organization?

Membership to a remodeling organization can have a great impact on your business. One of the biggest benefits of joining an organization or association is education. Through trade associations, you can continue to educate yourself on the latest in best practices, technology, and new regulations. Many provide their members with free helpful tools and resources that you can use on the job or in the office. Often, trade organizations will host seminars or conferences that you can attend as well.

Networking is also a major benefit of joining trade organizations. While many remodeling contractors work in their communities, few take the time to get to know each other. While you might see them as your competition, there is actually a lot you can learn from other pros. Remodeling organizations will help connect you to those in your field. It’s a great place to share your knowledge or expertise with others, as well as ask questions to other like-minded pros.

Finally, membership to a remodeling organization helps relieve customer fears that they may not be getting quality work. You can display on your business card or website that you are a member of a remodeling organization, and customers know that you have the backing of that group. Some organizations even have certain criteria and policies you must meet to join, further assuring the customer that you’re the best for the job. It shows others that you are reputable and have gone the extra mile for your business.

Now that you know why you should become a member of a professional organization, let’s take a look at which ones you might want to join.

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National Association of the Remodeling Industry

One of the top organizations for remodeling pros is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Various types of contractors who all work within the remodeling industry are a part of this organization. The mission of the NARI is to help pros develop their business and be the go-to source for industry standards. They offer education programs that can help certify pros using the most up-to-date standards of the remodeling industry. Their website also provides a number of helpful resources including marketing tools.

To join the NARI, you must find your local chapter based on the state you live in. While each chapter may function a little differently than another, they all follow the basic standards and principles set forth by this organization. You must agree to their code of ethics to join. Contact the NARI for more information on how to become a member.


National Association of Home Builders

While less specific, the National Association of Home Builders includes contractors at all stages of building, including remodeling. According to their website, 53,000 of NAHB members are in the remodeling industry. Member benefits include educational training programs specific for remodeling pros and discounts on business research tools, such as the Remodeling Market Index. They also offer workshops and seminars on the local and national level to help you connect with other pros.

There are various levels of membership for the NAHB. The remodeling track is automatically included with the Builders, Associates and Affiliates membership. However, they also have a program for NAHB Remodelers at large for $75, which provides access to data and local networking events. Contact the NAHB for more information.

Kitchen And Bath Association

National Kitchen & Bath Association

If you’re a remodeling pro that specializes in kitchen and bathrooms, the National Kitchen & Bath Association might be the right fit for you. As the leader in the industry, NKBA sets the standards for new and innovative trends for kitchen and bathrooms. Members include those from all aspects of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, from design to construction. They are best known for the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, which brings people together to see the latest and greatest for the upcoming year.

NKBA membership is a chapter based by location. Each chapter hosts local events throughout the year. Some host events giving members a discounted rate. To learn more about how you can join the NKBA in your local chapter, visit their website.

Local Organizations

Always be sure to do a little research into organizations that exist on the state or local level. Like national organizations, many of these smaller groups do the same great work of fostering entrepreneurship, spreading knowledge, providing resources, and connecting professionals to one another.

Contractor Talk

For those looking to simply connect with others, online forums are a great resource to turn to. While you don’t get the full benefits of membership to an organization, it’s a great way to network and have questions answered by other pros. For remodeling contractors, Contractor Talk is a place to connect with others online and participate in discussion, free of cost. Simply join and abide by their terms to join the conversation.


Joining a remodeling trade organization can be a great resource for remodeling pros looking to grow their business and educate themselves on what’s happening in the industry. Research further to see what organization might be right for you and your business.

Joining an organization is a great way to boost a new business. For more tips, read What A Remodeling Pro Needs To Know Before Starting A Business.