CraftJack Updates & New Pricing

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A lot has happened in the 4½ years since launching CraftJack. We’ve brought some new ideas as a fresh approach to the home services industry that have changed the way home improvement contractors benefit from lead generation. Our commitment to providing the absolute best experience with positive results, has been the number one goal continually driving us toward great new ideas.

Since launching CraftJack in 2011, we have always been focused on how to best serve our contractors’ needs. The question of, Is this best for our contractors?, has remained a mantra we repeat continuously in our office. This is in part why, throughout our entire existence, we have only ever increased our prices once.


In the 2½ years since introducing the FairPrice™ discount – which remain a feature exclusive to CraftJack – our customers have saved a tremendous amount of cost on leads while retaining the high level of quality that has become synonymous with the CraftJack name. During this time, CraftJack has delivered over $1,200,000 in discounts from our FairPrice™ model. Contractors have saved over $1.2MM with CraftJack, and they’re winning more jobs!!! We’re always working on new trades we can add to our offerings – solar services, garage repair and snow removal are some of the most recent additions – and all of these efforts combined ultimately rack up big savings and more jobs for our contractors.

Contractors have saved over $1.2MM with CraftJack

In these past few years, we have grown from just seven trades to now offering 21 trades, with more on the way. In order to continue generating the best leads for you, we will be increasing our prices for the first time in 2½ years, which take effect on January 6, 2016. As with considering any new change, so to here, we asked ourselves if this is best for our contractors. The answer is, without a doubt, yes!

During the past 2½ years, technology, development, and simply, life has increased in cost for everyone. Our new pricing, which can be seen by clicking on this link here, will allow us to continue rolling out new trades to offer our contractors and homeowners alike. It will also enable us to work on bringing you more opportunities, features and tools, like a native mobile app on your smartphone for a better way to manage and update your CraftJack leads on-the-go. Our creative team here at CraftJack (which is everyone who works in our office) will continue focusing on new and better ways to approach lead generation, creating an even better process and experience for our consumers. It has been an incredible four years and we’re beyond excited for what’s in store for 2016.

All the best!