6 Trade Show Benefits

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Have you thought about attending a trade show recently? Are you unsure of how your business can benefit from the experience? Here are a few things to ponder that can help you decide whether a trade show is right for you.

Because trade shows are geared toward a crowd of people in a specific industry, they become a great tool in addressing your target market. Trade shows also help in bringing awareness to your company and your services since they are usually open to the public.

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Trade Show Benefits

If you’re looking for a reason to attend the next trade show near you, look no further. Here are six benefits that contractors can reap from trade shows.

1. Obtain Fresh Leads

The tables are turned; instead of chasing cold leads, you now have a large group of people within your target market coming to you. Be prepared to answer all your visitors’ questions. Here is when your marketing portfolio and business cards come into play. Build a relationship with every visitor, and don’t forget to ask them to connect with you on social media.

2. Get in Contact with Decision Makers

Attendees are already interested in the type of products and services you offer. Because of this, you are provided a rare chance to be face-to-face with the decision makers. This includes presidents, vice-presidents, and CEOs, who are regularly hard to contact.

3. Receive High-Quality Referrals Down the Line

You benefit from high quality referrals. Oftentimes, when people at your booth have no need for your products or services, they refer you to their friends, relatives and business associates who might be interested. And if they leave with enough information on your company, they may even recommend you to those people.

4. Put Your Marketing in Front of the Right People

Unlike sending random people your marketing materials via snail mail, people at a trade show are more likely to read it, or at least spend some time looking it over. Another plus to attending is the boost in generated leads from your display booth’s “visitor’s sign-in sheet.” You can use this to follow-up with these folks with email campaigns.

5. Gain Competitor Insights

It can be hard to get an idea of what your competitors in the industry are doing without asking outright. These trade shows offer a unique way in seeing what your competitors are doing. Getting an insight to your competitor’s products and prices is crucial in surviving the business.

6. Network with Other Businesses

Don’t forget to Network! Even trade shows can offer business-to-business opportunities. Providing your information on another company’s websites can grow your audience and revenue. You may find that the contractors you network with will refer people to you if they are unable to take on the job, so it never hurts to make new friends!

Things to Consider When Attending a Trade Show

Of course, even with all the benefits that a trade show can provide, there are some things to consider before you attend. These include:

  • Trade shows require a bit of your time, so be sure that you have enough time on your schedule before you commit to this project.
  • If the show is not in your town, traveling to the specific location may cost you. Ask yourself, does it fit into my budget?
  • Another cost to add to your budget is materials needed for your display booth. Portfolio printouts, business cards and any other signage can add up. Be prepared.
  • If you choose the wrong trade show, you run the risk of reaching out to the wrong target market. This can lead to the trade show cost outweighing any anticipated revenue gain.


If you ultimately decide that the pros outweigh the cons in participating in a trade show, then keep in mind that you need enough funds to cover attendance, display and other associated costs. Also, work out how many visitors you’ll need to generate a ROI. Gather ideas that are sure to capture people’s attention and stock up on sufficient marketing literature.

Have you participated in a trade show recently? Tell us about your experience below.

This article was written by Dorcy Castillo.