Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Home Service Businesses

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Marketing your small home service business is important when trying to get leads and traffic. Because most people turn to Google and other websites to find home service providers, it’s important that your marketing strategies are outstanding, especially online ones. Marketing your small business also doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, in fact, marketing online is extremely affordable.

The goal of an effective marketing strategy is to connect your business’s value to how the customer can benefit from it. In terms of home service small businesses, it’s crucial to ask yourself, what is the demographic I am going after? How can I show that my service is valuable to them? Practicing online marketing strategies is a simple way to answer these questions while also bringing in customers.

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Online Marketing Strategies For Small Home Service Businesses

Small businesses will not thrive if people don’t know they exist. Getting your business to become more well-known is the most important thing to do in order to generate leads and gain more customers. It’s crucial that small home service businesses make themselves known and generate a positive reputation online because a lot of the time, people will not have any other way of knowing you exist if not for your online presence. By using online marketing strategies and tools, you will be able to gain an online presence that is crucial to selling your service.

Here are some ways to market your small home service business online in order to get more leads and generate more traffic.

Advertise On Social Media

Advertising on social media, specifically on Facebook, is an easy way to connect to a large audience and promote your service. Facebook ads allow you to target a specific demographic of people based on location, age, interests, and many other variables. Creating a Facebook ad is simple, with the use of a Facebook Ad Manager.

Instagram ads are also a great tool to promote your small home service business through visual sales marketing.

Social media advertising is also a beneficial marketing strategy because people can follow your service’s account, allowing you to share news and updates with them often. Posting pictures to social media accounts also doesn’t cost money, so it can ultimately be a free way to get your name out there and more well known.

SEO For Contractors

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is how businesses increase the number of visitors to a website by increasing the visibility of a website on a search engine. SEO works by increasing the number of leads and sales. Search Engine Optimization is particularly beneficial to small home service businesses because it gives them the ability to rank higher on a search engine and get noticed, letting people know that they exist. SEO tactics include:

Google Ads

Google Ads, formally known as Google Adwords, is the way that advertising on Google works. Advertisers bid on keywords in order to appear higher on Google and get more clicks; this is how Google makes money from each search. Google’s goal is to deliver relevant search results to a user. For example, if a person was searching for an electrician in Cherry Hill, he or she will type that into the search bar, and multiple electricians will show up. The goal of these electricians is to rank high on Google so that more customers will click on them and they will get more leads.

Google Ads allows small home service businesses to get in front of customers when they search for a keyword. Appearing high on Google will drive website visits, therefore more sales.

Rank Your Google My Business Listing

This is a crucial marketing strategy for small home service businesses. In your Google Business account, all a small business owner has to do is optimize their company by filling out information that will provide Google with ways to rank your small business service in organic results. The purpose of Google My Business is to provide information to potential customers while also collecting reviews and citations. A high-ranking Google My Business will automatically provide credibility and visibility to your service.

Invest in Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing relevant content to other online platforms to generate more potential customers. Content marketing includes reaching out to other websites or blogs and asking to write a post with a link to your website. Content marketing also includes link exchanges with podcasts, videos and other online mediums that feature content relevant to your business. This process typically takes longer but is a great way for small home service businesses to get their name out there and the long term pay off is usually high.

Host A Webinar

A webinar is a web conference/seminar that takes place online and is open for anybody that has an interest and signs up along with the right software. One of the purposes of webinars is to create leads, usually for email marketing, if it is a small home service business, in order to gain potential new clients down the road.

Webinars are more engaging than typical videos because they allow people to talk to one another in real-time. If people can ask questions and get real-life answers, they will likely be attracted to your business, which they may not have heard of before. Webinars are also great to generate referrals and connections.

Run An Online Coupon

This isn’t a new marketing strategy at all; people are constantly looking for ways to save money. In fact, people often will make their choice of where to buy a product or service based on the deal they are going to get. By running an online coupon or deal, you are able to attract more people to your small home service business.

By putting these strategies into action, your small home service business is guaranteed to grow. Stay up to date with online marketing and SEO news and innovations in order to best act on online marketing strategies that will positively impact your business.

Author Bio: Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.