Essential New HVAC Technologies

HVAC systems aren’t just a luxury — they’re an essential part of day-to-day life, especially if you live somewhere that tends to be warm and humid. As a contractor, you want to provide your clients with the best HVAC systems you can, and that means staying up to date with HVAC technology trends.

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New HVAC Technology Transforming The Industry

Over the last few years, there’s been a significant movement toward making systems more environmentally friendly. This has partly been driven by the phasing out of older refrigerants, but also by a general trend in consumers caring more about their carbon footprint. The contractors who are going to succeed in the industry today are the ones who give tech-savvy, environmentally conscious consumers what they want.

There are many developments in new HVA technology expected to transform the industry, including:

Smart Home HVAC Systems

Smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are no longer the preserve of techies. More and more homeowners are discovering how useful IoT devices can be.

Smart HVAC systems, or existing systems that are connected to a smart device such as Alexa or Nest, offer a number of conveniences for homeowners and can help reduce energy use too. This makes them greener and more convenient. Smart systems can detect a family’s typical routine and manage the heating and air conditioning in a way that reduces waste while ensuring maximum comfort.

Air Quality Improvements

Most people spent a lot more time at home than normal in 2020 thanks to the pandemic, and many people continue to do so because they now have the option of working from home. With people spending so much more time indoors, air quality is more important than ever before.

Many HVAC technology trends center around “air health.” For example, smart HVAC systems that can monitor air quality and send information and alerts to the user’s smartphone often get talked about in HVAC technology news. These systems make the science of air quality easy for homeowners to understand and, if combined with modern HVAC air filters, empower the homeowner to do something about the quality of the air in their home.

Virtual Fires For A Rustic Experience

Log-burning fires are satisfying to watch, but they’re hardly environmentally friendly. Modern HVAC systems mean people can keep their homes at exactly the right temperature and humidity without needing to burn wood, coke or coal, but there’s still a charm and appeal to having a fire in your living room.

Over the years, heating companies have tried many different systems for creating appealing-looking fires, from fake fabric flames to videos. Fake fires are rarely as satisfying as the real thing, but advances in technology mean there are now 3D projection systems that can create lifelike projections of log fires, including dancing flames and even embers floating through the air.

These systems can be installed into old chimney breasts or fireplaces so homeowners can keep the rustic feel even when they transition to modern HVAC systems.

AR Systems For Contractors

As a contractor, you most likely find yourself doing a lot of home visits and may struggle to explain the work you’re going to do at a person’s property. Using Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) to either project an image of the work you’re doing into the real world or let someone explore a property virtually can be an effective way of getting your point across.

It’s much easier to sell someone on an idea if they can “see” it, and AR/VR technologies turn ideas into a visual reality. That visualization could be the thing that makes your HVAC estimate make sense to a client who’s on the fence about buying a new system.

Modern smartphones and laptops are powerful enough to support augmented reality and virtual reality tech that was once seen only in movies and science fiction. What better way to wow your clients than projecting an image of how much of a space-saver your HVAC system could be into their living rooms?

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