How To Generate More Painting Leads In Texas

For painters, new local leads are essential for business growth. But, knowing where to look for those local leads can be difficult. It’s likely there are a few ways to find new painting leads in your area that you may not have tried. If you're new to starting a business, check out our Guide To Starting A Successful Painting Business.

Texas homeowners are looking for painters to help in their homes. If you’re a painting pro in Texas, these are the customers you’re looking for. Here are a few tips on how to find more painting leads in Texas.

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Texas Painting Pros

Texas Pro Requirements

Before you begin looking for more painting leads in Texas, you should make sure your painting business meets all the requirements the state has. The good news for painting pros in Texas is that no license is required to work. However, double check with your local area to see if there are any requirements in your city.

Painting contractors should be sure their business is registered in the State of Texas. You must complete all paperwork and pay any fees, depending on what you register your business as. You can find more information on the Texas Secretary of State website.

Lead Generation Services

One of the best ways to start finding leads in your area is by signing up for a lead generation service. They can help you find homeowners in Texas who are looking for painters in the area. Lead generation services make it easy to connect with homeowners near you. Though you’ll have to pay for this sort of service, you’re certain to see ROI in no time at all!

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Join Facebook Groups

Connect With Local Businesses

While you may not have considered it before, connecting with other local businesses can be extremely helpful when looking for new leads in your area. Local business owners, regardless of the type of industry they are in, can help connect you to others or even keep fliers in their shop.

Your local chamber of commerce can be extremely beneficial to helping you find new leads in your local area and grow your business. Most are based on region or city, making it easier to connect with neighborhood small businesses. Chambers of commerce work to help small businesses grow. Often, they will host events to help business owners learn and network, as well as events to get your name out in the community. See this list to help you find the chamber of commerce in your area.

Join Facebook Groups

All painting pros who are looking to generate leads and win more jobs should already be on social media. While posting regularly and engaging with customers is important, it might not help you reach out to prospective customers. Local, neighborhood groups are becoming more popular. Search for community group pages in your area and request to join.

There’s also a newer Facebook feature that allows for users to request recommendations from friends. Keep an eye out for people in your network that are looking for recommendations or advice. Those are great ways to directly find leads in your area.

Volunteer Work


You may not have considered it before, but volunteering your time and expertise can have a good impact not only on your community but on your business. Volunteer work and service projects are a great way to use your expertise for good while meeting other people who might remember your services in the future when they need a pro. Here are some Texas organizations that could use your skills and abilities:

Attend Local Networking Events

To become a successful small business in your community, you must connect with community members. As I mentioned earlier, becoming a part of your area’s chamber of commerce can be beneficial in locating networking events.

Outside of the chamber of commerce, you can research to see other networking events in your area. Meetup and Eventbrite are two tools where you can find a list of events happening in your town. If you don’t see any on the calendar, consider hosting an event for local business owners to help them connect. It can be as simple as renting out some space and providing coffee for a meet-and-greet.


Finding local leads is key to a successful painting business in Texas. See what opportunities might work best for you and start connecting with homeowners in your area.

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