How To Find More Roofing Leads In Florida

Are you a Florida contractor looking for more roofing leads? Learn how to expand your marketing efforts to bring you the leads you need and how using a lead generation service like CraftJack can help connect you with Florida homeowners who need your services.

How to Find More Roofing Leads in Florida 1

Roofing work is a critical part of maintaining a home, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts demand for this service is unlikely to change over the next 10 years. With the industry sitting in a period of stability, it's more important than ever to take the lead generation steps needed to secure the roofing jobs that support your business. In Florida, a state known for extreme weather events, roofing leads can come from different sources, depending on your service area. Learn all about finding success in increasing your leads as a Florida roofing contractor.

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Florida Roofing Contractor Legal Compliance

Homeowners want to know that their projects are being handled by a professional, so ensuring legal compliance in your industry is the first step to bringing in the leads you need. Being a licensed contractor adds an element of trust when an individual is seeking your services. Having the proper insurance can also reassure the homeowner that their interests are covered in the event of a mistake or accident.


Having the proper Florida roofing license is essential to prevent legal complications and assure homeowners that you have the qualifications necessary to perform the work properly. Florida contractors have the option to seek a license as a certified contractor, allowing them to work anywhere in the state or as a registered contractor with work limited to a local area.

Obtaining a certified license through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) requires the applicant to meet age, credit, education/experience, and insurance criteria. Applicants are also subject to a criminal background check that includes fingerprint submission and are required to cover all fees associated with their application. 

The steps for obtaining a license to be a registered roofing contractor will vary depending on which area is processing the application. If you want to be licensed to handle roofing jobs in Miami and don't have statewide certification, you'd need to apply for a roofing contractor license through Miami-Dade County


Florida roofing contractor license applicants must have insurance that covers property damage and public liability. The amount of coverage needed is determined by the state. Once a license is obtained, contractors have 30 days to obtain workers compensation insurance or file for an exemption.

Generating Florida Roofing Leads

Once you know your licensing and insurance are in order, it's time to generate the roofing leads you need. Taking the cold approach of going door-to-door is time-consuming and offers little return, and you want to set in motion techniques that are more sophisticated than a Google search for "roofing jobs near me." Fortunately, the internet provides easy access to successful marketing options that can get the ball rolling if executed properly.

Register With Review Sites

If your company isn't already listed on common review sites, such as Google or Yelp, take the time to complete these registrations. Google Business Profiles offer free profiles that can be found through a search on Google Maps or general Google searches. Yelp offers the same service, increasing your potential reach.

Check out the profiles of other roofing contractors in your area to get an idea of how the most successful companies are listing themselves before crafting your business profile. These services do an excellent job of connecting people in your local area with the professionals they need, so don't miss out on this important step.

Request Reviews

The most effective way to maximize your impact on potential clients looking up your business is to accumulate reviews from satisfied customers. Every time you complete a project, remember to ask the homeowner to leave you an honest review. These testimonials will let others see your professionalism through the eyes of a client who's worked with you. The more reviews you receive, the more consistent your quality of work will appear. Happy customers are more likely to provide a review if asked, so it's important to make the request each time.

Create A Website

Having a professional website is easier than ever with pre-made templates and drag-and-drop builders allowing creation in just an afternoon. Your website provides a place to highlight your portfolio, feature positive reviews, and tell potential clients a little about who you are as a company. People prefer to hire professionals who make them feel comfortable, so allowing them the chance to get to know your values can help establish trust. 

Taking a little extra time to optimize your site using relevant keywords can help increase your visibility in your service area. For example, if your goal is to attract more roofing jobs in Orlando, make it a point to mention how your services benefit Orlando residents.

Once you have your site online, make sure to update it regularly to keep your information relevant. Adding a simple blog that offers roofing maintenance tips relevant to your local area can do wonders for driving traffic to your site. If you have little knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and don't feel you have time to develop your own content, it's easy to find affordable content creators online that can help.

How to Find More Roofing Leads in Florida 2

Manage Your Online Reputation

Once you've established your presence online, maintaining your professional reputation is necessary to keep your lead generation up. Sometimes unhappy clients will express their disappointment with a negative review instead of contacting the company directly.

Remember to check your reviews on a regular basis to catch these issues quickly and reach out to the customer to resolve the problem. If you're successful in improving their experience, it could inspire them to edit their review.

Responding to reviews on the review site can also soften the blow of negative feedback. If someone claims they had a negative experience, responding in a professional tone with a genuine willingness to correct the problem can show potential clients you can handle criticism. Remember to respond to positive reviews and thank them for their feedback as well.

Consider Your Timing

The roof of any home requires regular maintenance to maximize its life, but Florida homes have the additional concern of damage from extreme weather events to consider. Homeowners may not always know all the steps they should take to protect their roof, so offering this information can help them increase the life of their investment. This can also be a great way to check in with former clients to keep your company top of mind if they need preventive work done.

If your service area is southeast Florida, homes in the cities of Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale may be at risk for hurricane damage between June and November every year. Adjusting your marketing efforts to reflect these risks a few months in advance can be a great way to increase your lead generation.

If you want to generate leads for more roofing jobs in Miami, highlight the importance of completing roof repairs before storm season and offer roof strap installation or repair as preventive measures. Some homeowners may be considering roof replacement, so offer specials in metal roof installation to help them protect their home if a storm does hit.

Areas of Florida that aren't as impacted by hurricanes can also experience weather patterns that affect the quality of their roofs. In places like Tallahassee, intense summer heat waves can damage flashing and shrink shingles, resulting in the need for repairs to protect the integrity of the roof. During the peak heat of summer, reminding homeowners in your area that this can be an issue could encourage them to call you to complete these repairs.

Ask For Referrals

Referrals can be the most impactful lead generation opportunities. Reminding your friends and family that you're actively seeking leads for roofing projects can ensure they remember your company when they hear someone is looking for the services you provide. Satisfied former clients are another great avenue for this.

Since roof work isn't something that's needed often, touching base with homeowners you've worked with can remind them of their positive experience with your business. Consider offering previous customers incentives, like discounts on future work, for referrals that result in scheduled projects. This can encourage more active participation and additional opportunities to solidify your reputation with that person.

Add To Your Skill Set

If your marketing is solid and you still find yourself struggling to fill your work calendar, it may be time to add some new skills to your business. Staying up to date on the latest roofing trends can keep you informed of new technologies and materials being offered. Taking the time to learn the ins and outs of these advancements could provide you with an edge over your competition.

Sometimes the companies responsible for developing a new roofing product will offer certification in use or installation and promote professionals who meet the company's standards. This could lead to potential customers in your area finding you through the original company's website.

One example of this is the Florida-based company Ekoroof. Located in Miami, this company specializes in the materials and procedures needed to install a vegetative roof that offers additional protection from the elements using environmentally friendly materials. Ekoroof offers special training and certification to Florida roofing contractors that wish to offer this option to their clients.

Sign Up For A Lead Generation Service

Sometimes it can feel like the efforts needed to generate quality leads require too much time or don't fall in line with your skills. Signing up for a lead generation service like CraftJack can help you manage your marketing efforts and provide you with the leads you need from interested homeowners in your area. With this option, most of the work is done for you, so your time can be spent converting the leads you receive into paid projects and keeping your clients satisfied.

Since these companies are in the business of lead generation, you get the benefit of their researched marketing efforts and considerable reach without needing to devote the time to develop it on your own. Although these are paid services, quality companies will verify any leads they send you to better ensure you're connected with homeowners offering legitimate roofing jobs.

Closing Your Leads

Finding roofing leads is important, but those leads won't help your business if they aren't resulting in paid work. Increasing the conversion rate of your roofing leads may result in a reduction in the leads you need. Here are a few general best practice tips to help you land more projects from the leads you receive.

Respond Quickly

Homeowners are more likely to strike a deal with the first contractor they hear from, so speed is essential when following up with a potential lead.

Maintain Contact

Homeowners may not always commit in the first few interactions. Make contact several times through different methods before abandoning the lead and moving on.

Be Dependable

Get back to potential clients when you say you will, and make sure to follow through on any promises made. If the homeowner feels they can't trust your word during this point of the transaction, they'll likely move on to another contractor.

Provide An Itemized Quote

Roofing jobs in Florida can be expensive, so take the time to show the homeowner exactly where their money is going. Itemized quotes provide transparency and help avoid pricing conflicts later.

Offer Options

If the services the homeowner wants are out of their price range, provide them with options that are more budget-friendly. Use your expertise to advise them on where they can cut corners or alternative solutions you can offer to meet their needs.