Limitless Possibilities For Positive Reviews

Limitless Reviews

In a digital world, it’s now more important than ever to be cultivating reviews online from happy customers. And the number of reviews matters. According to a 2020 BrightLocal study, “customers require a business to have 40 online reviews before they trust their average star rating.”

If you haven’t done so before, look at your online reviews and your star rating. Online reviews present endless possibilities for new and repeat business; they’re an invaluable part of any contractor business. Make 2021 the year of no limits when it comes to positive reviews.

CraftJack can help you find more limitless possibilities when it comes to reviews and business growth. Sign up today to take advantage of all the great benefits of being a CraftJack pro. Use promo code “NOLIMITS” for 5 free leads with a $300 deposit.

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Why Ask For Reviews?

One of the best ways to grow your online reviews is to ask for them. Happy customers are likely willing to share their experiences when asked. In “Why You Should Ask For Reviews,” we share a couple of tips about how you should ask for reviews, including:

  • Face-to-Face, after a job well done.
  • Fliers of business cards left at the job site directing customers where they should leave a review.
  • Through your email marketing or a direct email follow-up.
  • Use CraftJack’s Pro App or Lead Manager to easily request a review.

Want to learn more about asking for reviews? Read the article here.

Limitless Reviews, For Free!

We know how important it is to ask for reviews. We believe that they open up limitless possibilities to more success. We have a feature for all of our members to quickly request a review through the Pro App or Lead Manager. We help by adding reminders to request a review two weeks after marking a job won.

CraftJack is happy to provide all our pros with unlimited free reviews. You will never have to pay for a review you request or receive through CraftJack.

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Unlimited Reputation Management

 In 2020, we launched a new tool called Reputation Manager for contractors who want to improve their online presence. It allows for endless opportunities to grow your reviews and star rating. You don’t need to sign up for our lead generation service to access this tool; it’s open to anyone who has a Google Business or Facebook page for their business.

With this tool, you can:

  •         Generate more positive reviews.
  •         Receive updates from multiple platforms in real-time.
  •         View and manage reviews from across the web.
  •         Find duplicate business listings.

CraftJack’s Reputation Manager is just one way we’re helping you open up new doors to success. We believe that reviews from happy customers truly allow for no limits to how far you can take your business. With more reviews, you’ll easily find more customers, and we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

You can try Reputation Manager for free right now. Start your 30-day free trial and see how far you’ll go.