Top 5 Homeowner Projects in 2023

As a contractor, knowing what types of projects will be popular in the upcoming year can be helpful. Discover the top 5 homeowner projects to expect for 2023. 

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Top 5 Homeowner Projects in 2023

As we enter the spring of 2023, many homeowners are starting to plan which homeowner projects they'll want to tackle for the year. Often, there are trends that dictate which projects will be most commonly tackled in the upcoming year. As a contractor, understanding these trends can help you prepare your business for the types of projects that are likely to come up. You can start securing materials, making price charts, and preparing for the upcoming busy season. 

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Here are the top five homeowner projects you'll likely see for your contractor business in 2023.

1. Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel

The two most-used communal spaces in a house are the bathroom and kitchen. Most people have to use their bathroom and kitchen at some point in their day. And if someone has an old bathroom or kitchen, they might finally be ready to modernize it in 2023 so they can enjoy their space. 

Another major reason people choose to remodel their kitchen and bathroom is that they're getting ready to sell their properties. According to HGTV, properties in hot housing markets often see a 100% or higher return on investment for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. That means this type of project is incredibly worthwhile for someone who plans to sell this year or next. 

Homeowners love a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project because it can be as small or extensive as they'd like. It can be as simple as staining the cupboards or installing new cabinets. Or they may go as big as an entire remodel. 

Kitchen Remodel 

Some of the potential projects that might come with a kitchen remodel are:

  • Painting the kitchen
  • Replacing tile backsplash
  • Installing new countertops
  • Replacing faucets
  • Installing new lighting
  • Replacing major appliances
  • Installing new flooring
  • Upgrading kitchen cabinet doors
  • Removing and installing new kitchen cabinets
  • Rearranging the kitchen (removing walls, adding a kitchen island, rearranging plumbing and appliance locations, etc.)

Bathroom Remodel

Some of the potential projects that might come with a bathroom remodel are:

  • Cosmetic remodel: Removing the old and replacing it with the new, such as installing a new vanity, mirror, sink, toilet, flooring, countertops, or tile
  • Floor plan remodels: Redesigning the bathroom floor plan — for example, changing a three-quarter bath to a full bath
  • Slight modifications: Minor updates to a bathroom, such as getting a shower seat, adding a bidet, or adding a shower door
  • Adding a new bathroom: To create space and enhance resale value

Be prepared to guide homeowners in the right direction based on their needs. Someone who plans to sell may just want simple, surface upgrades that will appeal to buyers without costing too much. In contrast, someone in their forever home might be ready to splurge on new granite countertops, a rainfall shower installation, or new appliances. 

As kitchens and bathrooms can be massive undertakings, you must clarify the type of expectations the client should have. Make sure to get on the same page regarding cost, timeline, and outcomes. 

2. Flooring

Another popular project you can expect to see is flooring. This is one of those projects that's been consistent for contractors year over year. 

There are many reasons someone may want to replace their flooring, including:

  • Installing new carpets
  • Replacing dated and old-fashioned flooring styles
  • Replacing stained or damaged flooring 

Flooring is an excellent investment for homeowners because it's noticed by everyone who enters the home. An old, dirty carpet can age an entire home, while new, modern hardwood can help upgrade the feel of a house. 

The nice aspect of flooring projects is that they take little time. With the right experienced team, you can do a flooring job in a few days to a week. 

Remember to guide homeowners to make the right decisions when it comes to their floors. Many homeowners have the instinct to go with the cheapest option available. This might mean they choose carpet or cheap bamboo flooring. Use your professional expertise to provide insights into why investing more now in a higher-quality floor material will be well worth it in the long run. 

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3. Landscaping

All contractors know the value of curb appeal. Homeowners need to keep up the exterior of their homes for themselves and their neighbors. A home that looks unkempt from the outside brings down the perceived value of that house and any properties nearby. 

And a large part of keeping up the exterior is landscaping. 

Landscaping will continue to be one of the biggest homeowner projects in 2023, as it often is every year. That's because landscaping is one of those things that constantly needs upkeep and improvements. 

Some of the landscaping requests you might see this year are:

  • Designing gardens and walkways
  • Tree removal
  • Bush and shrub cleanup and manicuring
  • Swapping out grass for alternative options (xeriscaping or native plants)

Most homeowners want to tackle landscaping projects early in the year so they can enjoy their beautiful new lawns for the spring and summer. Consider offering discounts or packages to customers who book early so you can start filling your work calendar with these fantastic and fairly straightforward projects. 

And remember, landscaping is a great promotional tool for your business! If you work inside someone's home, few people will get to see what you accomplish. But when you tackle a landscaping project, everyone in the neighborhood will see the final result. If your customer lets you put up a lawn sign promoting your business, you might quickly find everyone else in the area wants you to revamp their lawn after they see your work.  

4. Deck or Patio Addition

A deck or patio addition is a big undertaking, but it's one many homeowners will want in 2023. After most people were forced to spend more time at home over the last few years, many prioritized making their houses as comfortable as possible. And this includes maximizing outdoor living space by adding a deck or patio to maximize outdoor living space.

Outdoor living spaces also increase property value immensely. A patio or deck makes gatherings outside more enjoyable and comfortable, and in places where the weather is nice for much of the year, it can make it seem like your square footage has dramatically increased. 

Similar to the kitchen or bathroom remodel, adding a large outdoor living space is a big project. You must do your best to keep the homeowner's expectations reasonable. Outline every little detail regarding the budget and expected timeline. Often, a homeowner will envision enjoying their new deck or patio the same summer they start building. However, this might not be a reasonable expectation unless the project starts early enough. Always ensure your client knows how much the project will cost and when it'll be done so they're always satisfied. Remind clients that good work takes time and that it's better to have this type of project done right rather than done quickly. 

5. Painting

Last on this list of homeowner projects is probably the most frequent job a contractor will get in 2023. Every home needs a refresh every few years, and nothing can do that as well as a paint job. Many homeowners only need to try DIY painting once to realize this isn't something they should tackle on their own, so expect plenty of painting projects to fill up your work calendar. 

Homeowners may want to:

  • Paint their interior walls before selling
  • Paint their interior walls with fun, fresh colors (especially after other renovations have been completed)
  • Paint the exterior
  • Paint a fence

Don’t forget that Pantone's color of the year is Viva Magenta 18-1750 for 2023, so you may be seeing a lot of deeper colors and jewel tones. Painting trim, doors, and ceilings to match the wall color is also popular this year.

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Remember that getting in front of customers as soon as possible is crucial for booking these jobs. Clients are planning projects right now for their entire 2023. If you can get their booking, you could create a customer for life and someone who can help with word-of-mouth referrals.

Knowing what to expect for homeowner projects in 2023 can give you a clear advantage over other contractors. Do your research into all five of these projects and be prepared to offer prospects straightforward quotes and timelines, input on trends and styles, and tips on what to consider before starting. This type of information can make you a valuable resource to the prospect and help solidify your expertise in this field.