What Makes CraftJack’s Window & Door Leads Unique?

What Makes CraftJack Window And Door Leads

Window and door contractors have a specialty that’s needed by many homeowners who are updating or remodeling their home. But, are you finding all the leads you could be in your area?

Here at CraftJack, we want to help your window and door business become successful. Today, I’ll share why our window and door contractor leads are unique and how you can receive the benefits.

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Window And Door Leads

Window & Door Leads

One of the biggest trends in home remodeling right now is updating for energy efficiency. One of the first places homeowners start is with their windows and doors, keeping contractors busy. In fact, there are now more tax credits and rebates available for Energy Star products, giving customers extra incentives to make changes in their home.

With this in mind, it’s important that you’re getting quality leads in your area. Here’s what makes CraftJack’s window and door leads unique:

  • Window & Door Lead Categories
  • Reviews For Free
  • CraftJack Pro App
  • Dedicated Account Managers

Dedicated Account Managers

For pros that sign up with CraftJack, their account manager is a valuable resource. They are here five days a week to help all pros not only with their accounts, but with their business.

“My style is all about checking in and offering options to ensure contractors get the results their desired results,” Alex Orfanos, CraftJack account manager, said. “The nice thing about being an account manager is being able to offer a suggestion if they want to try something different. I think the pros appreciate that.”

Here at CraftJack, we encourage our window and door contractors to get to know their account manager and reach out to them as a resource. After all, they are here to help your business succeed!

“I check in with my accounts regularly so I can understand how business is going and make sure they’re taking advantage of all the resources available to them with CraftJack,” Orfanos said. “Our shared experience has shown clients who taken advantage of their resources will get the best results. I’ve found the scheduled check ins help keep clients happy and that’s really what the job is all about.

Speed To Call Discount

Reviews For Free

Unlike other lead generation providers, we offer our pros reviews for free. Pros have the ability to access their portfolio, update it with recent photos and request reviews from recent jobs. We’ve found that asking for reviews is the best way to receive them, so we’ve even set up a template in the CraftJack Pro app that makes it easier than ever to get the positive reviews you need to see your business grow.

CraftJack Pro App

CraftJack Pro App

All CraftJack contractors have access to the Pro App. This allows window and door contractors to do get work done from wherever they are, with the help of their mobile device. Not only does the app allow you to request reviews for free, but you can also organize your leads and manage your account settings right from the app.

The CraftJack Pro App is available for both iPhone and Android devices.


CraftJack’s window and door leads are unique and contractors who choose to use our service will start seeing the benefits immediately. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with CraftJack today and start receiving leads in your area.

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