Using Residential Construction Software

Using Residential Construction Software2

One of the most difficult tasks for many contractors is keeping track of bids, estimates, and projects. This is especially true for contractors who have many residential projects going on.

Residential construction software can make these duties a bit easier for contractors. There are many different types of software available, so you’ll have to review the options to determine which ones have everything you require.

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Benefits Of Residential Construction Software

Benefits Of Residential Construction Software

It’s important to find the best residential software for your company. This can help to reduce the effort that you have to put into estimates, bids, and project management. Because not all software is the same, you’ll need to consider the benefits of each option you’re considering. Here are some important features to get you started:

Document Leads And Contacts

Leads are valuable for many contractors, but only if you put them to use. Lead tracking software for contractors makes this a bit easier. You can document information about each lead, such as whether it’s a viable one or not. You should be able to denote when it’s appropriate to contact the individual with a follow-up call if they didn’t hire you immediately on the first contact.

Help With Bid Estimations

Coming up with bids and estimates for a construction project can be a complex undertaking. The best residential estimating software will have tools to make this easier. Some offer a plug-and-play option that enables you to input your fees or expenses once and then pull those up when a bid calls for them.

Another feature that residential estimating software may have is the ability to suggest or double-check costs for certain project points. This helps ensure the estimates you provide are as accurate as possible.

When you check out residential construction estimating software, be sure to look at the ability to save the estimates you produce. Having a search function that makes it easier to look up what you’ve provided for a specific client can save considerable time so you can focus on other aspects of your company.

Assist With Scheduling New Projects

Being able to tell a potential client exactly when you can get to their project can help you land new work. Some residential construction management software has a built-in calendar so you can pull this information up quickly right from the program. You can block off dates or times for the projects you’ve already committed to.

Plan The Residential Construction Project

Planning a residential construction project can be complex. Software that’s made for doing this will be able to walk you through what needs to happen for a certain project. This should cover everything from permit applications to hiring subcontractors, ordering materials, and anything else you’ll need related to the project.

Some programs, such as Blender or Floor Planner, have tools to help you show your clients specific points about the project. This can include what the layout of a new construction or remodel will look like when it’s completed.

Track The Project’s Progress

When you have multiple projects going at once, it’s easier to manage them all if you can quickly look at where each one stands. This may help you know where to place your workforce.

For example, you know you shouldn’t send workers to Project 1 if it’s waiting on materials. Instead, those workers can go to Project 2 where everything is present. This helps you maximize the efficiency of your crew.

Programs like actiTIME enable you to track the amount of time projects are taking to use for future project estimates. This can also help ensure you’re invoicing all the time necessary for the project.

Invoice And Monitor Project Financials

Being able to provide the client with an accurate invoice is only one step in getting paid. You’ll also have to determine where a payment is, especially if the project is completed. The best residential construction software will have this ability built in.

Follow Up After Project Completion

Following up with clients after a project is completed is also beneficial. This is a chance for you to address anything the client feels is incorrect or subpar. If a client mentions another project they’re considering, enter that into a lead tracking software program so you can contact them later to find out if they’re still considering it. This is also a great opportunity to give those clients a personal touch.

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