What Is A Lead Generation Company?

I’m here to clear up any confusion. On top of providing you with leads in your area, most provide resources that can help you become more successful. CraftJack in particular, has unique features that makes sure you’re making your contractor business the best it could be. Here’s all you’ve ever wanted to know about a lead generation company.

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What Is Lead Generation?

Even if you haven’t used a lead generation service before, you’ve likely had leads to grow your business. “A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s service in some way, shape or form,” according to HubSpot.

With that definition of mind, think of the ways you’ve discovered new business for yourself. Was it via social media? You’re generating leads. Was it through a referral? That’s considered lead generation as well.

The benefit of lead generation companies is that we do the hard work for you, so all you have to do is win the job.

How Do Lead Generation Companies Work?

Every lead generation company is different, but for the most part, contractors will pay for leads that they generate. Here at CraftJack, you only pay for the leads you receive. There’s no subscription service and you can change your budget when needed.

CraftJack generates leads in a few ways. One major source is through the homeowner-facing website, ImproveNet.com. Here, we share tips and information for homeowners who are looking to connect with contractors for their next home improvement project. Watch this video to learn more about where CraftJack leads come from.

How Can Lead Generation Companies Help Contractors?

As you can see, lead generation companies allow contractors to focus on getting the job done, rather than spending time seeking out the work. Lead generation companies save contractors time they would otherwise be working on a job, by finding leads in their area.

Keep in mind, a lead is different than a job won. When you receive a lead, you must then take the steps to win the job, such as calling back the homeowner, providing a free estimate and showing them why your business is best for the job.

Another benefit of lead generation companies is that they provide even more resources to help keep business strong. CraftJack, for example, provides each contractor with a dedicated account manager who can help. We also offer our contractors the CraftJack Pro App, where they an manage their portfolio of work and ask for reviews, for free!

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What Makes CraftJack Unique

Outside of the above reasons, such as account managers and free reviews, CraftJack has a focus on contractors and their trades, which makes them stand out. In every category, you can choose the tasks you want to focus on and specialize in. If you’re already a CraftJack contractor, contact your account manager if you want to change the tasks you specialize in.

The CraftJack Way is one that will help you grow your business and help you find more jobs in your area.


As you can see, a lead generation company can help to make your job easier. You’ll spend more time doing what you do best, rather than searching for more work.

Let CraftJack help you find more jobs in your area, today.