5 Ways To Use Twitter For Your Contracting Business

twitter for contractors

With over 1.3 billion accounts and 145 million daily users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms around. Bite-sized content draws user in who are looking for news, humor, and information from their favorite businesses and brands. If you’re a contractor looking to connect with your audience, learn the latest in the industry, and network with other professionals in field, you should be on Twitter too!

Check out these five ways to use Twitter for your contracting business.

1. Make connections with others in your industry.

Twitter is a great place to check-in and contact other companies and contractors in your industry. Whereas a trade show might connect you with professionals in your area, a quick search on Twitter might turn up accounts from around the country. Don’t limit yourself to location; you never know what you can learn from others in different parts of the country!

If your competitors have accounts, give them a follow too. Twitter can be great way to see what they’re up to and what kinds of projects they are seeing a lot of.

You can also use Twitter to follow equipment and material suppliers and stores. Not only is it a useful way to contact them, but you’d be surprised what kind of deals and promotions companies will run on the platform.

2. Find leads.

Did you know that you can even find leads on Twitter? Sometimes, people turn to their followers to get recommendations for local contractors. That’s where you swoop in, introduce yourself and your business, and offer your services.

Twitter has a search feature that allows you to browse tweets by keywords. For example, searching “plumbers in Dallas” may bring you to a tweet where someone asks “Hey, does anyone know of any good plumbers in Dallas?”. From there, you can then reach out to the homeowner directly by responding to the tweet or sending a direct message.

3. Keep in contact with your existing customers.

Research shows that it’s much easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. Twitter is an easy way to keep up with folks you’ve already performed work for. Once they follow you, they’ll be able to see what you share, keeping you fresh in their mind. Make sure to tell your clients about your Twitter account and what sort of benefits they’ll get for following. As an extra incentive, you can give them a small discount or a piece of swag (like a pen, koozie, bag, etc.) for following.

To keep your followers engaged and turn them into repeat customers, occasionally tweet out promotions or coupons. If they have a question, you’re also in easy reach. Be sure to respond to any messages in a timely manner.

4. Establish yourself as an industry expert.

Your account can be beneficial to more than just those in your area looking for a contractor. Twitter is a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert and gain a following from people all over.

To do this, tweet about projects, tips, and tricks (without giving away any secrets, of course) of the trade. Make it apparent that you know your stuff and that others should look to you and your company for advice. Show your followers that you’re educated and on top of the latest news and safety standards by retweeting articles from reputable sources. You can even host special online events like Q&A sessions where you invite your followers to send in their questions to be answered by a professional. Get creative!

5. Stay on top of industry news.

Lastly, use Twitter to keep yourself informed. As we mentioned above, Twitter is a great place to show off all of your knowledge. But what good is the knowledge if it’s out of date or not in touch with current practices? Follow any associations or trade groups that you are apart of to stay up-to-date on industry news.

Accounts like Associated Builders and Contractors regularly post updates and need-to-know info for contractors. And because it’s presented in bite-sized pieces, it’s easier and quicker than to stay in the know than ever before!


So stop avoiding it and get your business on Twitter. While you’re at it, follow us on Twitter to get blog and company updates from us. Follow us: @CraftJackInc