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Industry News: May 2017

As June comes along, most contractors get busier with new jobs. However, you should still find time to stay-up to-date on the latest industry trends. To help, we’ve rounded up some of the top headlines for you.

Busy season is here but reports are showing that the warmer winter has already given contractors the opportunity to get more business. And depending on your trade, there are a few new regulations that can benefit you. See a few of our top spring and summer headlines to help prepare you for summer.


Online Marketing Works & Here’s Proof

There’s no question that referrals and word of mouth reign supreme when it comes to home remodeling leads. In fact, I am looking to do some flooring and painting work in my new condo and the first thing I did was reach out to friends. They gave me some names and I received five solid quotes.

Nevertheless, the referral river of leads can run dry and no matter how long you’ve been in the business, you’ll have to find leads online. Longtimers may disagree, but the stats and testimonials from CraftJack contractors below prove it!


The Significance Of Dedicated Account Managers

There are other lead generation platforms out there, but very few, if any, offer dedicated account managers. One-on-one account managers ensure you talk to same person every time you need to change your budget, pause your account or add a new service. Fortunately, dedicated account managers bring additional advantages other lead generation companies simply do not offer.

Interested in your own account manager? Give us a call at 866-456-6977.

The personal touch should always be appreciated, but sadly, many larger lead generation companies forgot this important customer service feature. As lead generation companies grow, their customer services departments do not grow with them. As a result, they form call centers where any available account manager answers the next phone call.


2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show Review

No matter what remodeling expertise you have, you understand how fast trends change. It’s important to stay ahead of these changing trends. After all, it helps you provide the best customer service that leads to more business.

To find out what’s hot right now in the industry, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show should be the first place you look. It’s the largest show in the industry, featuring all the latest trends and technologies. If you weren’t able to attend their 2017 event in Orlando, we’ve got a recap with all you need to know.


New Tasks & Trades For 2017

Any small startup hopes to one day become the best in the industry. Back in 2011, we never would’ve assumed we’d grow to the point we’re at today. Well, in an ongoing effort to provide the best possible service for all contractors across the country, CraftJack has released new tasks under our current trades. In addition, 2017 is going to be a big year and as of now, we plan on releasing up to 11 new trades this year!

If you’re looking for new leads in any of the tasks, trades or 21 categories we already supply, give us a call at 866-456-6977.


Construction Forecast 2017

A new year is a time for new beginnings and opportunities. You can better plan for your business this year by looking ahead at what experts are predicting for the year to come.

Last year, we saw the construction industry grow and reported trends show that continuing into 2017. We’ve rounded up a few of the top trends pros need to know in 2017 to help you get ready for the new year ahead.

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According to Dodge Data & Analytics, they predict the total U.S. construction starts to grow 5% to $713 Billion, after a brief slowdown in 2016. This is a less aggressive prediction compared to the 13% of overall construction starts forecasted for 2016. Dodge Data & Analytics reports an estimated 1% construction gain in 2016.


A Year In Review: 2016 Industry Trends

It’s been a year of many ups and downs within various remodeling trades. You may have seen this within your own work, too. Now is a good time to look back at the last year to better plan, as many of this year’s trends are a good indicator of what’s to come in 2017.

As you start to look back at how the year has been with your business, it’s a good idea to observe what the year has brought for the remodeling industry. To help you, we’ve recapped some of the biggest trends we saw in 2016 and a few predictions for 2017.


What Lead Generation Is & What It Is Not

If you’re reading this blog, then you have, are currently or are interested in investing money in lead generation. Nonetheless, depending on your industry, lead generation can mean a world of a difference.

For example, lead generation in the marketing agency arena generally translates to extra traffic to one’s website. Lead generation in the journalism world means obtaining a new source for a story. Lead generation in the home improvement world is, neither.

That is why I am going to explain all there is to know about lead generation in the home improvement arena. I will explain what it is, what it isn’t and a few lead generation best practices.


Video: The Customer Is NOT Always Right

We hear the term that “the customer is always right,” but we are willing to bet many home service professionals can agree that is simply not the case. Whether it’s an abusive homeowner or a landlord who thinks he knows everything about home remodeling, there are plenty of instances where the customer is not right.

In the video below, Noah Mishkin, CraftJack Co-Founder, decided to sit down and discuss five of the most popular instances where the customer is NOT always right.

  1. Inappropriate Situation
  2. Requesting No Permits
  3. Discrimination
  4. Abusive
  5. Refuse to Uphold Terms of Agreement

5 Construction Email Newsletters You’ll Want to Read

Email newsletters are great because they’re filled with content topics that interest you and delivered to your inbox in seconds. They’re typically free of charge and an easy way to keep up to speed with what’s going on in your industry or trade.

As a business owner and leader, you should be expanding your industry knowledge and challenging yourself daily. There are five construction email newsletters that you should consider subscribing to, based on the content and benefits outlined below.