2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show Review

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2017 Review

No matter what remodeling expertise you have, you understand how fast trends change. It’s important to stay ahead of these changing trends. After all, it helps you provide the best customer service that leads to more business.

To find out what’s hot right now in the industry, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show should be the first place you look. It’s the largest show in the industry, featuring all the latest trends and technologies. If you weren’t able to attend their 2017 event in Orlando, we’ve got a recap with all you need to know.

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What Is The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show?

Every January, retailers, designers, construction pros and more gather together to see the latest in kitchen and bath trends. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show is where everyone in the industry can meet and connect. The KIBS is owned by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, a non-profit dedicated to educating those within the remodeling industry.

The organization began as the “America Institute Of Kitchen Dealers” in 1963 until their name change in 1983 to what is now the NKBA. The first KBIS was in 1981 and has run annually since. Every year, the show is in a different location, but all in the trade are welcome.

New Kitchen & Bath Technology

Smart technology is the hottest thing to have in any kitchen or bath. With a new trade show comes new technologies that can be integrated into the way homeowners live. American Standard showed the new ActiClean self-cleaning toilet at the show, where a flush can clean the entire bowl. This is a new way to think about a clean bathroom.

In the kitchen, the DekTek was introduced. This simple charging transmitter allows for multiple items to charge on any surface without wires. Imagine having your phone, tablet and computer all charge while you cook.

Another addition to kitchen technology is the Discovery TouchTop Induction Cooktop, where users can change the temperature or pause the heat coming from the stove through a touch control panel.

New Kitchen & Bath Technology

Quartz Surfaces

While granite has been the leader in countertop surfaces for many years, Quartz has now taken the No. 1 spot. As attention to strong and long-lasting materials has become a common theme homeowners are looking for, quartz has emerged as the material of choice.

Smaller Appliances

As the demand for tiny houses grow, so does the demand for smaller appliances to fit. Manufacturers are producing compact models of microwaves, refrigerators and ovens to accommodate the rising interest of living well in smaller spaces. However, these models don’t lose the product features that people have grown to love. As remodeling trends point towards homeowners downsizing, this could be a trend you see continue in the coming years. It really is a way for homeowners to have it all.

Energy-Saving Lighting

With so many new technologies introduced to the industry, it’s good to know that there are advances being made that are earth-friendly. Energy-saving lighting was a hot trend in bathrooms, especially near or around mirrors. Some options had lighting within the mirror that is a trend you’ll be seeing more often in bathroom design.

Accessibility Advances

Ensuring all in the home have a comfortable space to move about, the kitchen and bath has become a priority in 2017. The new release of the Grohe Concetto sink, has ensured it’s ADA-compliant with accessibility updates. Tile Redi has also introduced the Radi Trench Barrier Free Shower Pan that includes a long drain slot design to sit against the shower wall. This innovation allows all to enter the shower safely.

Wall-Mount Toilets

The look of bathroom luxury is complete with a wall-mount toilet. In addition to the look, wall-mount toilets are gaining popularity due to the technologies they are integrating. The Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet is packed full of features such as a nightlight, cleaning wand and seat warmer. This toilet is compact and blends right in to a modern bathroom design.

Accessibility Advances

Black Stainless Steel

The latest models of kitchen appliances all seem to have one thing in common; black stainless steel. This is the hot appliance finish for 2017. Frigidaire put this new trend on the map by introducing a new line of this finish with their kitchen appliances. In addition to this sleek look, the finish is also smudge-proof. Time to say goodbye to those pesky fingerprints!

Utilizing White

To compliment the latest black stainless steel trend in kitchen appliances, white finishes of countertops and cabinets are in. This is a timeless look for any kitchen that is sure not to go out of style anytime soon. Expect to see more homeowners asking for white finishes in their kitchens in 2017 and following years.


Understanding current trends can help you not only plan ahead, but assist your customers in making the best choices for their homes. If there’s uncertainty between a certain style or function, you may be able to help with your knowledge of the latest kitchen and bath trends.

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