Contractor Spotlight: Watson Construction & Sales

Everyone has a different story of success, and here at CraftJack we’re happy to be a part of it. On today’s contractor spotlight, we’re highlighting Watson Construction & Sales, who has been taking advantage of all the great benefits our lead generation company can provide.

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Watson Construction & Sales

Located in California, Watson Construction & Sales not only provides customers with the energy efficient products they’re looking for but many financing options as well. Just browsing their website, you can see that they not only want to help solve the customer’s problems but educate them as well about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Niki Gonsaves, a representative at Watson Construction & Sales, took some time to answer a few of our questions about how the business began and how CraftJack has helped along the way.

CraftJack: Tell me about your business and how you got started?

Watson Construction & Sales: “We are a Mom and Pop shop, Ken Watson wanted to help homeowners. He noticed a lot of contractors were overcharging customers, so he decided to start his own business and charge the customers fairly.”

CraftJack: What services do you provide your customers?

Watson Construction & Sales: “We provide windows, patios, cement, roofs and HVAC; those are the many products that we offer.”

CraftJack: How do you use CraftJack to grow your business?

Watson Construction & Sales: “LEADS, LEADS, LEADS! But all kidding aside CraftJack’s leads and policy are the best in the business.”

CraftJack: Is there a particular CraftJack feature that’s your favorite?

Watson Construction & Sales: “The return policy”

CraftJack: What is an aspect of your work that you love?

Watson Construction & Sales: “Dealing with a customer that has been taken advantage of before by other contractors is an aspect I love. We see a lot of this. They are very guarded in the beginning then when they meet Ken Watson, they end up loving him. By being honest and fair, we get a lot of referrals.”

CraftJack: What success tips do you have for other pros who may just be starting out?

Watson Construction & Sales: “Be careful of lead generation companies, especially if you’re just starting out you don’t have deep pockets for leads (CraftJack gives full control to contractors over the monthly budget for lead spend). Larger companies have leads anywhere from $99 to $200 depending on service. Read the return policy for lead generation companies. They won’t give credits out unless a contractor says something. They typically don’t come out and say that, but someone told me this. I personally think smaller companies are way better. CraftJack’s leads are 100 times better than any other company out there. Get to know the CraftJack account managers; they’ll fight for you.”


As you can see, there are many ways that CraftJack can help your business, beyond lead generation. Connecting with your account manager is key! If you want to share your story, call or email your account manager and let them know that you’re interested in a Contractor Spotlight.