Creating Leave-Behind Materials To Increase Leads

Creating Leave-Behind Materials To Increase Leads

Big or small, whatever marketing efforts you put in to your business should show some ROI. While social media and email marketing are hot right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other marketing techniques you shouldn’t be utilizing.

When it comes to getting the word out about your business, leave-behind materials can be a frequent reminder for a potential customer about your company. If you get creative, they can be excellent tools in lead generation, resulting in more business for you. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about the best leave-behind materials for your business.

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What Is A Leave Behind

What Is A Leave-Behind Material?

If you’ve never heard the term before, a leave-behind material is anything that you can give to a potential or current customer to keep your business top of mind. Likely, it will have your business name and contract information on it as well.

While the internet has changed much of the way small businesses market themselves, there’s still success to be found in this avenue of traditional marketing. While it’s important for every contractor to have a business card, some may find that giving out pens during an estimate works better than a flier or magnet. Leave-behind materials also allow you to get creative in the way you market your business and can be a lot of fun. Keep in mind however, this is an investment you’ll be making.

You can give away these materials at trade shows to spread the word about your business. Or, give them to customers as a thank you for their business. Do what’s right for your business and where you’ll get the largest ROI on these marketing materials.

Business Cards

1. Business Cards

If you don’t already, business cards should be the first marketing material you get as a business owner. Not only can you give these to prospective customer, often, local restaurants and coffee shops will allow you to post your card on a bulletin board. Business cards are an important way to get your name out there and give easy contact information when asked.

Make sure to include the most important contact information about your business, such as name, phone number, email and website if possible. This will make it easier for homeowners to reach you when they have questions or if they’re ready to hire you for the job!

Fliers and Brochures

2. Brochures & Fliers

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your work outside of the website you have, brochures and fliers can be great to leave-behind item for a customer to look at after an estimate or at a local community bulletin boards. Include photos of work and a short description of the work that you do. And as always, be sure to include contact information and where homeowners can look online if they want to learn more about you.

You may also want to consider trying a discount flier, which shares about a certain deal or sale you may have on your services. This is great for landscaping pros who may want to kick of the season with a great deal. Or even plumbing or electrical pros who give a deal to loyal customers who call them back for repeat service. Providing a deal for future customers is a great way to generate future businesses, and a flier is a great way to promote it.

3. Pins & Magnets

For a fun giveaway to future and present customers, pins and magnets are a fun way they can be reminded and support your local business. While pins can stick on a bag, backpack or jacket, they really can only fit your business name. Nevertheless, they are a fun benefit for a loyal customer to receive.

Magnets are another great way to stick your information in various places and include more contact information. Many keep them on their fridge, so for pros with regular services, it’s a great way to for homeowners to keep your number handy the next time they need lawn care, plumbing help or a simple repair.

Pens And Stationary

4. Pens & Stationary

A classic item for any small business to have for customers is a pen and stationary, with your branding. When a homeowner goes to use a pen or write down a note, they’ll be reminded of your business every time they use it. Even further, these can be used by other potential customers too. It’s a great item to leave a homeowner with after an estimate is given. If possible put your name and phone number on these, so you can generate more leads from these items.

Other Marketing Materials Related To Your Business

5. Other Marketing Materials

Getting creative with your marketing materials can be a lot of fun. Consider your business and brand. Is there an item you can provide that will immediately remind someone of your business when it’s in use? Maybe it’s a carpenter’s pencil with your contact information on it. Maybe a tool of some sort. These can help to reinforce what you do and remind homeowners to contact a pro when the job gets too big.

You can get almost any item branded with your logo and company name. But be sure it makes sense for your company. While a frisbee or coffee mug might be a fun giveaway to a customer, what does that say about your business. If you really like these ideas but it doesn’t match your brand identity, save it for the end of a job, as a thank you to a customer. This can help create loyalty and happiness, knowing that you did a little extra for them.


In your small business marketing, you have the freedom to get creative. The creation of your leave-behind materials is one way to have some fun while seeing a return on investment. Use a few of these ideas to create the perfect marketing materials for your business.

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