How To Know If CraftJack Is Working For You


So, you’ve signed up with CraftJack, congrats and welcome! We’re happy you’re here and are looking forward to helping you to grow your business.

We want to make sure you’re getting just what you want out of the service we provide. So, how do you know if CraftJack is working for you? Here are a few questions for you to think about when thinking about our service.

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How Does CraftJack Work?

If you’re new to lead generation, you might not be familiar with what a CraftJack does. We provide quality leads to contractors for their chance at winning the job. These leads will be from homeowners in your area who have submitted project details through our sites, such as ImproveNet. Once we send you the lead it’s your job to win the job! Watch the video above to learn more.

One question we get is “how do I know this is working?” After all, it’s up to you to take the steps after receiving the lead to win the job. Here are a few ways you can tell if CraftJack is working for your business.

1. Are You Receiving The Leads You Want?

One of the unique benefits CraftJack offers pros is receiving leads in your area specific to the trade you want to work in. You can customize this by logging into Lead Manager and setting your preferences, such as service area. Setting your service area and trades will help to ensure you’re getting the leads you want to receive.

Looking for more leads? Try expanding your service area to a broader range of homeowners.

2. Are You Following Up With Homeowners?

As a lead generation service, we’re sending you job requests from homeowners in your area. You must take the next step to tell the customer why you’re the right pro for the job. To help, we provide sales tips and tricks right here on the CraftJack Toolbox. From here you can brush up on a few of your sales skills. After all, contractors wear many hats and salesperson is one of them.

Are you having trouble setting your service area or trades? Contact your account manager who can help. You can do so through the pro app.

3. Have You Contacted Your Account Manager?

If you have an issue or are unsure if you’ve done the above correctly to ensure CraftJack is working for you, did you know you have a dedicated account manager who can help? They can easily answer questions, make changes to your account or just be there to bounce ideas off of. Be sure to touch base with them if you have an issue or question that arises, they are here to help!


If you can answer these questions with a “yes” than CraftJack is working for you! We’re here to help your business grow with the leads and unique benefits we provide.

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