How The Laws of Persuasion Can Help Your Business – Part 1

Have you ever reflected after a customer conversation and realized that your approach did not have an impact? Couldn’t close the deal? Do not fret, as there are a few laws that can work for you and your business. These are the laws of persuasion and they play a major factor in the human decision-making process. Using the following can be the difference between just “quoting” and truly “closing.”


Law #1 – The Law of Scarcity 

This law suggests that a person perceives someone or something to be of limited quantity or quality and perceives greater value for it not being available to all.

Understanding this law, its time that you show added benefits to your customers by connecting with them and expressing that the services you provide are unique and authentic. Offer something of rich value that cannot be found in the average Joe within your industry. So you can now ask yourself; how have customers perceived your value of service?


Law #2 – The Law of Reciprocity

This law suggests that if a person gives something or provides a service to someone of a perceived value, that person would be inclined to return the favor or provide something of equal merit. 

Getting a handle on this concept is pretty straight forward in business. If you are able to provide expert advice or quality service to someone, they will be much more open to referring a friend or recommending a family member. People genuinely work with and help others that have helped them in some way. How is your company or services getting customers to return the favor?


Law #3 – The Law of Association

This law suggests that people are more prone to try, purchase or like things that have been endorsed by people they like or respect.

In business, sometimes our customers come as referrals of people we have serviced before. By providing the kind of service or product that people are willing to converse about, your company has the advantage of being suggested. You become the “preferred” company related to that service. How is your company being associated among your customers?


We’ve covered three distinct laws that could help you in your business dealings. By using the Laws of Scarcity, Reciprocity and Association, you can connect directly to those who’d use the services you offer. Try incorporating these laws in your own way to see the benefits they provide in action.

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