Understanding ROI & Your Business Reputation

Many contractors recognize how important their reputation is. Some might think that this only has to do with their reputation within the community, but this isn’t the case now. The prevalence of people turning online to find out more about businesses means every contractor needs to think about how their online reputation can impact their business.

Your company’s online reputation can directly impact the business’s financial bottom line. There are several ways this can happen. They all prove that protecting your reputation as a reliable contractor is paramount if you want to maximize the return on your investment.

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What Is ROI?

ROI means return on investment. It can help you determine what types of marketing and other business investments are bringing more money into your company. When you’re trying to find out how to calculate ROI, you might not realize how involved it is. You can’t just subtract the monetary investment from the revenue it produced.

Instead, you have to think about the amount of time and effort certain investments can save you. For example, CraftJack’s Reputation Manager saves you a lot of time by vetting leads for you. The service also helps you protect your online reputation and works to build it up.

Another factor to consider when trying to determine whether an investment is worth the money is to think about the revenue you can bring in from successfully completing a job that you receive due to the investment. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to count on at least one referral from a client you make happy.

Most businesses focus on how they can maximize their ROI, meaning they get the most money back for what they spend. The proven reputation management tools and techniques that CraftJack utilizes can do this.

Reputation Management And ROI

Because you have to think about the best way to use your time, you need to consider how to reduce the time you’re spending on duties that aren’t necessarily vital to your business. Reputation management is important, but it can be done by CraftJack instead of you. Passing this duty along to us enables you to use that time for other tasks, such as making sure your clients are truly happy and bidding on new projects.

In order to understand how valuable online reputation management can be, you have to understand what it is. It’s far more than just making sure positive reviews of your business are highlighted and negative reviews are addressed.

Reputation Manager delves into some of the often-missed locations that provide information online about your company. These include:

  • Social media mentions and posts
  • Information from the media, including press releases
  • Website articles and blogs
  • Reviews from consumers and professionals
  • Comparisons from competitors

It’s imperative that you have a comprehensive strategy to ensure accurate information about your company is reaching potential customers. Many individuals will only do business with companies that have positive reviews and a strong presence online. They tend to view those as more reputable and reliable than other companies.

As your company grows and you take on more projects, you might find it’s hard for you to keep up with checking those factors online while still managing normal business matters, such as reaching out to potential clients and providing bids or estimates to them.

Boosting ROI And Profits

Being smart about your investments can help boost your profits. When it comes to reputation management and ROI, one of the most important things you can do is develop a strategy to boost your company’s presence.

This means taking the time to respond to reviews, including the negative ones. It can be challenging, but responding to those critical reviews shows other clients you care. It highlights the fact that customer service is a priority at your company.

You can start that impeccable customer service by contacting the leads you receive quickly. People might be more apt to hire a contractor who reaches out to them right away when they request a bid or quote online. With CraftJack, you don’t pay for leads you don’t receive; you’re only responsible for the ones you do.

Some contractors find their ROI improves if they use referral incentives for their current and future clients. This enables the business to grow at a faster speed than it would otherwise.

Once you learn how to calculate ROI and figure out how important online reputation management is, you’ll see it’s imperative to get help taking care of this while you focus on other aspects of running your business. CraftJack is ready to take on handling your online presence with our Reputation Manager.