Why Is Reputation Management Important?

Why Is Reputation Management Important

When individuals needed contractors, they used to flip through the Yellow Pages to find a local business or asked their neighbors and friends for recommendations. Today, they simply plug the services they need into Google and look for a local listing. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you may miss new and vital connections with your clients. CraftJack can help your business flourish with an online reputation management tool. Get started today. 

What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is a great way to observe your business as a whole and find ways to improve. It’s a concept that deals with your business’ reputation with the public. Using a reputation management tool helps you access and respond to client queries and reviews, update your services and prices, and manage your contact info. You use this tool to see how your prospective clients are able to see you and make the changes you need to get more visibility and stand out against the local competition.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is an online tool that helps you manage your online presence. It helps you connect with all your online platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and your Google Business profile. You use a reputation management tool to access reviews, update business information, change your pricing, and make your business visible online where most new and existing clients are looking for you.

Why Go Online?

Today, if you don’t have a website, prospective clients can’t use their mobile devices to look your business up. When something goes wrong and they need a contractor service, they use their phones and search for local contractors near them. If you don’t have an online listing, they won’t even know you exist. Having an online presence is necessary for any contractor business to connect with and secure new clients.

Keep Up With Your Clients

Your clients want to have a snapshot of your business. They want to plug a service you supply or your business name into Google search and find an image of your business, a link to your website, your contact info, pricing on your services, and reviews. They use this information to make a quick judgment about you. Should they call you, or keep looking? You need to stand out against your local competition on your online platforms, and you need to present all the info your clients are looking for.

Reputation Management For Contractors

So you know you want to grow your business. You decide to work on your online presence. Great! There are many platforms you can use for your business, including Facebook, Google, and Yelp. But how do you manage all those platforms at once? What if clients leave reviews on all three platforms? What if your number or pricing changes — how can you remember to change the information on all your platforms? And how does this help you compete with your competition? That’s where a reputation management tool comes in.

Improve Reputation And Compete With Local Competition

Accessing your reputation management tool means you can work on all your platforms from one spot. It makes managing your online presence very easy and very quick. Take a second to look up your competition. What do you see? Pricing, contact info, and reviews? Maybe a link to their location on Google Maps?

Your online presence should reflect all those things too. Clients who use your services will want to leave reviews. Prospective clients will want to read those reviews and look at your pricing and contact info. These things build up your reputation and make you more visible in search listings.

Manage Reviews And Communicate With Clients

It’s important for prospective clients to see that you’re active online. They want to see lots of reviews, and they want to see how you respond to them. Reviews are the new communication tool between contractors and clients.

Using your online reputation management tool, you can access all your reviews from all your online platforms at once and respond to them. It’s vital to respond to your reviews, both positive and negative. Here’s how:

  • Positive reviews: Respond with a polite and short thank you message to let them know you care about the services you provided and want to continue serving them.
  • Negative reviews: Reach out to them with a contact number and express your apology. Something went wrong in the communication between your business and your client, and you want to correct it for future clients.

Use your reviews to ensure your clients were properly served. Prospective clients are reading your reviews and looking to see how you handle the various situations that come up. How did you handle a bad review? Did you just ignore it or push back against the client? Or did you reach out, apologize, and seek to mitigate the damage? Accidents happen, and clients are aware that sometimes, things won’t work out. How you, the business, handle those mistakes says a lot about you, and clients want to see that before they decide to buy.

Control Multiple Platforms In One Place

It’s daunting to look at all your platforms. You could have a Facebook business page, a Yelp business page, and a Google business page, all secondary to your main website for your business. Clients are searching for you on all these platforms, leaving reviews all over the place, and trying to contact you. If a single thing changes, like a business phone number or a service pricing, you have to find all mentions of that info and update it in a timely manner. What a headache!

That’s where the online reputation management tool really shines. You can use it to access all your platforms at once. Need to change service pricing? Use that management tool to quickly find all your pricing spots and update the info. Did you have an hour set aside to connect with clients and respond to reviews? Use your management tool to find all reviews across all your platforms quickly and easily and make the most of your time. Let the reputation management tool take the headache out of your online presence and help your business grow.