How To Grow Your Remodeling Company

Learn how to reach more potential customers by getting high-quality remodeling leads in real time. Discover more top tips on how to grow your remodeling company.

How To Grow Your Remodeling Company 1

A growing company is every remodeling contractor's dream. But with so much competition on the horizon, it can be difficult to know how to attract clients. Luckily, with so many digital channels at your fingertips, reaching potential customers is easier than ever. You just need to have a stellar online presence and know how to generate leads.

Continue reading to discover the essential steps in growing a remodeling company. Plus, find out more about contractor lead generation and top traits the most successful small business owners possess.  

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Types Of Remodeling Companies

With CraftJack, you gain access to people searching for remodeling services at the exact time they're looking for you. No matter what type of remodeler you are, we've got leads across the full spectrum of specialties, including: 

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement remodeling
  • Home additions
  • Home appliances
  • Cabinets and countertops
  • Major home repairs

Growing A Remodeling Contractor Business 

Remodeling companies serve their local areas and can make excellent income. Provided you deliver an exceptional customer experience, with equal parts high-quality work and outstanding service, you'll do great. But there's more to it than having the best intentions; you need to follow best practices, too. 

Below is an outline of the four most vital components for success as the owner of a contractor business. 

Remodeling Business Plan

You should have a strategic business plan that outlines your remodeling company's mid- and long-term goals. This acts as a blueprint for growth and inspires you to think carefully about what you want for the future and how to achieve it. The most important components to include are:

  • Company core values, goals, mission statement, and vision statement
  • Potential setbacks and USP
  • Financial projections
  • Headcount 

Values are crucial so you make consistent decisions and put forward a consistent front to clients and partners. You need clear, achievable goals in place to drive productivity and help you measure success. Mission and vision statements provide you and your team with purpose, helping you stay motivated and driven even through tougher times.

What's more, you need to be clear on any potential setbacks so you're prepared and have a clear USP to stand out ahead of competitors. Finally, think of your financial projections as vital signs of the health of your business. Be sure to have best-case scenario, realistic, and lean projections and make provisions for each. For the best results, plan at least five years, but ideally 10 years, into the future.

Organizational Structure

Knowing exactly who does what, when they do it, and why they're the right person for each job is vital for successful growth. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities are the cornerstone of every effective organization. One of the most important things you need to be able to do as a leader is delegate. Trying to take on all roles by yourself when the workload is too high is a recipe for disaster.  

Hire Carefully

Always be extra-careful when it comes to adding new recruits to your team. The people who work for you are just as important as your vision for success, so you need to make sure they're aligned with your culture. In addition to matching up with your values, they should be hard-working, kind, and adaptable.

One of the best ways to ensure your team operates as a tight, effective unit is onboarding. Having a standardized training process helps instill the correct attitudes and behaviors in team members from day one, aligning your workforce and forming a foundation for success.  

Harness The Power Of Marketing

Sales, branding, and marketing are vital for success. Every member of your team should be coached in selling your company. Selling is a natural process that takes place during interactions between staff and customers. It's the direct action of convincing someone to make a purchase.

Marketing, on the other hand, is a long-term process that aims to let as many potential customers as possible know about your company. All successful marketing campaigns rely on strong, clear branding. To get these right, you need to decide on a target audience, study their needs and preferences, and keep everything consistent across the board.  

Digital marketing has made life a million times easier for small business owners. Having a website and social media profiles opens you up to a wide audience. But there's still a gap. How do you reach out and connect to the local people looking for remodeling services? There are a number of ways:

  • Lead generation
  • SEO
  • Social media campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Local directories

Getting Remodeling Leads On CraftJack

Lead generation is the process of finding people to sell your remodeling services to. Usually, a lead is a contact. The bigger the pipeline of leads your company has, the more successful it'll be.

Let's look at how the process of generating contractor leads with CraftJack works.

Real-Time Remodeling Leads

When you become a CraftJack Pro, you gain access to a pool of remodeling leads in your local area. Not only are these leads high-quality, but they're also given to you in real time. The reason this is so important is because it gives you the opportunity to make a connection and help a homeowner during the planning stages.

One of the best ways to stand out ahead of the competition is by being helpful and demonstrating your expertise, and we help you get ahead. 

Lead Manager & The CraftJack Pro App

As a Pro, you have access to the Lead Manager dashboard, where you can manage your account and view essential tools. What's more, the Pro app means you can stay on top of your leads wherever you are. You can speak to your account manager, request reviews, and add photos to show off your work all from one place.

Dedicated Account Manager

Something that sets CraftJack apart from other lead generation websites for contractors is the service. You'll work with a dedicated account manager who can help you navigate the website and offer tips and tricks to win as many jobs as possible.  

CraftJack Toolbox

The CraftJack Toolbox is an expertly written blog with tons of resources for contractors. With advice on everything from how to use CraftJack to the best marketing strategies for contractors, it's an excellent resource. Whether you're just starting out as a business owner or a seasoned pro, you'll find cutting-edge information in the CraftJack blog.   

Request Remodeling Company Reviews

User reviews are one of the most effective ways to convince potential customers of your acumen. With the CraftJack Pro app, you can request reviews from past clients for free, which improves your reputation and helps you grow your customer base. There's even a template so you can quickly and efficiently send happy customers a review request.

How To Grow Your Remodeling Company 2

What Are High-Quality Contractor Leads?

When you work with most lead generation companies, they might offer to flood your website with traffic. However, it's important to understand that quality is far more important than quantity. A quality lead is one who's directly looking for your service as a remodeler, ideally at the moment you get it. All our leads are high-quality, verified, and delivered to you in real time. 

Traits Of Top Small Business Owners

There are countless home service professionals in the remodeling industry. Your personal approach to business is the most important component for success.

Let's take a look at some core character traits of the best company owners:  

  • Risk taking: As a leader, you must be able to spot an opportunity and take a risk to be able to grow your business.
  • Hard-working: Having an unstoppable work ethic is the essence of running a successful remodeling company.
  • Focused: No matter what's going on, when you're at the helm of a business, you need to be able to prioritize it at all times.
  • Flexible: The world is changing at a more rapid pace than ever, so flexibility and adaptation are vital for all operators.
  • Disciplined: Discipline is the reason you complete work on time, inspire a productive team, and generate excellent customer reviews.
  • Resilient: Resilience is vital for any contractor business, as setbacks are inevitable.
  • Innovative: As consumer demands change, you need to have the creative ability to problem-solve and find new ways to differentiate.
  • People-oriented: With so much competition out there, the marketplace is consumer-led, and you'll need to have excellent people skills to succeed.
  • Goal-oriented: Being able to set meaningful goals and dedicate yourself to measuring and refining them will help you grow and grow.

Tips For A Growing Company 

With house prices rising all the time, demand for remodeling contractors continues to grow. As more people choose renovations over moving, the potential for growth in this sector is high. If you're in the process of growing your company, be sure to follow these tips to avoid common pitfalls and maximize success.

Meticulously Manage Cash Flow 

For a growing remodeling contractor company, cash flow is the biggest risk. Never become complacent with finances just because there's plenty of work coming in. Growth can be a difficult time, as you need to purchase and complete jobs in advance of payment.

If you're working on a ton of jobs but haven't been paid yet, you can land in serious trouble. Always watch your cash flow forecast carefully and pay close attention to financial statements.   

Know Your Lien Rights

Poorly managed cash flow is the biggest reason contractor companies fail. Luckily, lien rights are in place to help protect you in case of defaults or delays with payments. No matter how much trust you have in a homeowner, you always have the right to file a mechanic's lien.  

Be Selective About Remodeling Customers

As you grow, being selective with customers becomes increasingly important. Your services should always match or exceed the expectations of the customer. For example, if you don't offer design services but the client expects them, you're going to leave them disappointed. 

Tactics like focusing on jobs located closer to your base and focusing on jobs you know you can complete faster than you promise can be very useful during a growth phase.  

Communicate Clearly To Clients

Always be up-front when it comes to letting clients know about prices and timeframes. It might be tempting to offer a low price or promise that you'll finish quickly, but lying sets you up for a bad reputation.

One of the best tips available to growing remodeling contractors is this: Under-promise and over-deliver. People are always happy when their expectations are exceeded, so promise a little and deliver a lot rather than promising more than you can do.

Embrace Tech

Technology is a small business owner's best friend. Automating daily tasks such as accounting, inventory, and scheduling can easily be automated, leaving you free to focus on strategy and growth. Use digital marketing tactics, and track all analytics available to help you refine your marketing efforts and branding strategy.

Leads For Home Service Professionals

Successfully running remodeling companies requires a unique set of skills, hard work, and dedication. Some elements, such as a clear business plan and strategic marketing approach, are universal, but true greatness lies in the human element of your company.

By honing the right skill set, taking advice from experts, and carefully shaping company culture, you can make your contractor company as successful and expansive as you choose.