Contractor Spotlight: Tailored Property Care

We spoke with Taylor Harricharan, owner of Tailored Property Care, and he explains the nuances of starting a business from scratch and what it takes to keep growing his business. While using CraftJack for lead generation, Taylor also finds success in having strong confidence when it comes to landing a potential lead. We are proud to feature Tailored Property Care in our Contractor Spotlight!

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Tailored Property Care

CraftJack: Tell me about your business and how you got into this?

Taylor Harricharan, Tailored Property Care: So i started out in lawn care and landscaping and then moved on to pressure washing and soft washing as a primary service. I was using that as a way to pay for college and it's a great service because it really brings the home a really nice clean fresh appeal. Everyone that receives the service is just so blown away by the results that they they get from it. It's always so exciting and also the videos that you get from from cleaning the exterior is so satisfying. So i get a great joy out of doing it, people receive a great joy out of receiving it, and it's been a really fun business and learning experience for me.

CraftJack: What are some things you experienced when you were starting your business?

Taylor Harricharan, Tailored Property Care: One thing that i really appreciate about CraftJack is when i first started my business the hardest part was getting in touch with people. You're young, inexperienced, have no clientele, and you probably just went into debt buying all of your tools. So here you are with a bunch of tools and no customers and you're thinking "oh god what am i going to do" and you know one of the most nerve-wracking things in my mind is going and knocking on doors. You know you have to do it and something that CraftJack really allowed for me to do was to build up some confidence. You having that leading hand into the into the world that you're getting into. It's like a meet and greet and you're having an exchange and you're skipping a lot of steps and it and it really helps you to get your foot into the door.

CraftJack: What are some of your goals for the future?

Taylor Harricharan, Tailored Property Care: I have some financial goals that i really want to hit and some personal goals. Optimization is really high on the list not only for my equipment but also the way that i kind of organize and run my business. I have an aunt and uncle in the marketing business and they really encourage some trial by fire. In that process I'm hoping and praying that as i learn i won't have too many financial repercussions and hopefully the the curve won't be too steep in learning. Nonetheless you know you have to learn from your peers and from experience.

CraftJack: How has CraftJack supported you to help your business be successful?

Taylor Harricharan, Tailored Property Care: CraftJack has really helped me become more successful by mitigating that feeling of unease. Giving you that push in the direction of your customer. Once you build up that confidence you're really able to build on your success because failure only happens when you give up so when you learn from failure it's a small success, because you're taking a step in the right direction. You just have to keep pushing forward, praying for the best, do it with integrity, That's really helped me keep afloat and and keep my business as successful as it is right now.