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A Year In Review: 2018 Industry Trends

Trends move fast and your business changes even faster. It’s important to take some time to catch up on what’s happening in your trade to know how you can prepare yourself for the new year.

While some news topics, like the skilled labor shortage and disaster recovery, continue to make headlines, others like accessibility remodeling have emerged. Take a look at some of the top industry trends from 2018 and look ahead to what you can expect in the new year. CONTINUE READING

Masonry Industry Trends

The masonry industry can have a wide variety of tasks to specialize in. There is quite the demand for pros in the country right now, with homeowners paying attention to brick and concrete repairs.

If you’ve been wondering what’s popular in the masonry industry, I have the answer for you. Here’s what’s happening in the masonry industry across the nation. CONTINUE READING

Industry News: September 2018

After a busy summer, it’s time to plan for what fall has in store. One of the best ways you can do so is by checking out what the latest headlines are. Both locally and nationwide, this can help you determine what’s trending in your industry.

From the latest data to safety updates, I’ve rounded up the headlines you need to know. Here is the news you need to know for September 2018. CONTINUE READING

What Trade Organizations Do Roofing Pros Need To Know About?

In any industry, networking with others can help you both personally and professionally. With the challenges that face roofing pros today, it’s never been more helpful to join a roofing trade organization.

Trade organizations and associations can help provide you with a network of other roofing pros to lean on, who are growing their businesses just like you. They can help provide additional education and work with the government when it comes to local laws or codes. Here are a few organizations that roofing pros should know about. CONTINUE READING

Summer Construction Trends 2018

Summer has arrived and for many contractors, you are busy. More leads are likely coming your way in all parts of the country, but are you curious as to what jobs tend to be more popular right now?

We have the answer for you. As things heat up, it’s no surprise that AC repair is a top project in every region of the country, but there are some that may surprise you. We’ve gathered data from the summer to see what projects are most popular in the South, Southeast, Upper Midwest and Southwest so you can be best prepared for the right jobs in 2018. CONTINUE READING

Industry News: May 2018

Spring is officially here. And with the nice weather, most contractor work begins to pick up. This leaves you less time to keep up with the trends in your industry, which could indicate how work will shape up for you this year.

If you missed a few of the top stories this month, I’m here to help. See a few of the top headlines for May and a few predictions on what you could see moving into the summer months. CONTINUE READING

Landscaping Industry Trends

Though many industries change, landscaping might be one of the trades that have the most frequent fluctuations. After all, preferences and work change with the season, leaving more room for variation.

Not just do homeowner trends change, but your work will differ as well. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest in your area, you may have noticed some nuances already. To round them all up, here are a few popular landscaping industry trends. CONTINUE READING

Industry Trends: March 2018

The new year is off to a great start for many pros. There are many new trends that are emerging among homeowners this year and we’re already seeing a few as Q1 comes to an end. Some of the biggest trends this year are likely going to involve millennials, as they begin to move and settle into their first homes.

Staying up-to-date on the latest headlines can help your business grow and help you to better serve your customers. Here’s our recap of the latest news you need to know this month. CONTINUE READING

2018 Construction Forecast

A new year is here. You’ve likely taken time to look back at the areas you’ve succeeded this year and where there are still opportunities to improve. It’s time to now look towards the future. It’s likely 2018 will bring new changes to the industry.

Last year, we predicted slow growth in the construction industry. This year, we’re expected to see more steady growth as well as a boost in the remodeling industry. Here’s what you need to know going into the new year and how you can prepare your business. CONTINUE READING

A Year In Review: 2017 Industry Trends

At the end of a long year, it’s always a good idea to take some time to reflect on your business and the remodeling industry. Consider all that you’ve seen change in the last year. It can help you better plan for the new year.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help. We’ve wrapped up some of the trends we’ve seen in the industry in 2017. See what this last year has been like for contractors across the nation. CONTINUE READING