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When Contractors Must Respond To Online Reviews

When Contractors Must Respond to Online Reviews

When it comes to marketing, social media has made it much easier for small businesses to compete with the seemingly limitless marketing budgets of large firms. Instead of spending your limited funds on television advertisements, direct mail pieces, and other expensive promotional methods, you can promote your business by engaging with current and potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites.

One way to engage is to respond to online reviews that have been posted about your business. Although responding to reviews is a great way to demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to customer service, there are some potential pitfalls to avoid. Keep reading to learn more about using review responses to promote your business.

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5 Quality Control Tips For A Better Reputation

5 Quality Control Tips

Online reviews are one of the most important marketing tools available, whether you offer quality pest control or custom woodworking services. Potential customers tend to trust reviews more than advertisements because they come from real people who’ve used your services. Reviews are also free, making them especially helpful for small teams of contractors that don’t have the marketing budget to compete with big firms. If you want customers to write positive reviews of your business, one of the most important things you can do is focus on quality control.

What is quality control? In simple terms, quality control is the process of ensuring that your work conforms to certain specifications. The competence of your employees, the quality of the materials you use, and the work procedures you follow are all aspects of quality control you can use to ensure every job is completed to the highest standard. Show customers you’re committed to quality by following these tips for construction quality management for contractors.

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Enhancing Your SEO With Reputation Management

Enhancing Your SEO With Reputation Management

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a major benefit for small business, but it’s about more than just visibility. Your brand needs the right kind of visibility. Having negative press or reviews online can alter how prospects view you and cause “improved” visibility to backfire, which is what makes online reputation management a crucial and often-overlooked aspect of SEO.

Reputation management is all about shaping and controlling the conversation around your brand. Here, we’ll talk about the potential impacts of your online reputation and how you can optimize it.

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Word-Of-Mouth In 2021

Word-Of-Mouth In 2021

Service-based businesses have long relied on word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) for growth. More than 90% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than company advertising. WOMM reaches far beyond verbal referrals to the rapidly expanding digital marketplace. It’s essential to learn how word-of-mouth marketing works and harness its potential to maximize your online presence.

Digital WOMM includes reviews, testimonials, and other informal, user-generated content found on the internet. Without a proactive word-of-mouth marketing strategy, though, your business is at the mercy of whoever publishes an opinion about your service — good or bad. Fortunately, you can be intentional about influencing what current and prospective customers say about you through a variety of online platforms.

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Turning A Negative Contractor Reputation Into A Positive


Turning a Contractor Rep into a Positive

Getting a negative review of your business can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to spell doom for your reputation. Learn how to respond to negative reviews in a way that can repair your relationship with that customer and boost your brand too.

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How To Manage Your Reputation On Facebook

How to Manage Your Reputation on Facebook

For many social media users, Facebook isn’t just a place to chat with friends and family. It’s a source of news, entertainment, and even product and service information. Users can “look for recommendations” and receive suggestions from friends or fellow group members, then check out the profiles and reviews of those businesses.

Careful reputation management is essential for any contractor that wishes to maintain a presence on Facebook. How you spread the word about your page and how you respond to reviews, good and bad, makes a huge difference to how your business is perceived.

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10 Ways You Can Earn A 5-Star Review

10 Ways You Can Earn A 5 Star Review

Individuals who are looking for contractors will usually do an online search. As part of that search, they’re likely to read reviews and check the ratings for the companies they’re considering. Having 5-star reviews for your company can help you get more business so your company can grow.

It isn’t easy to keep up with all your company’s reviews online. Instead of using your valuable time to search for new reviews, you can turn to a reputation management service. If you want to earn 5-star reviews to help boost your reputation, consider these tips.

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How Do I Fix My Online Reputation?

How Do I Fix My Online Reputation?

Even the best contractor in the world will eventually receive a mediocre review online. Perhaps a mistake was made on a job site, a customer misunderstood the scope of a project, or a client simply felt dissatisfied with a project outcome for either legitimate or illegitimate reasons. Regardless of the cause, negative online reviews can seem like a scarlet letter, bringing attention to a poor customer opinion in a way that can diminish praise in the future.

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Responding To Negative Reviews

Responding to Negative Reviews

There are many things a contractor has to do to continue getting clients. One of these ensuring their online reputation stays intact. Knowing how to respond to negative reviews is important because it’s inevitable that negative reviews will come at some point in their career. CraftJack is here to help businesses track their online presence.

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How A Negative Reputation Impacts Your Business


How a Negative Reputation Impacts Your Business

Contractors rely heavily on reviews and referrals to get new business. For many contractors, this happens without any issues. Unfortunately, some professionals find that customers have left negative reviews online about their company. This leaves them wondering how to get rid of a bad reputation online. One tool they can count on is the Reputation Manager from CraftJack. Contact us to find out more about this service. CONTINUE READING