How To Define A Lead

Leads Deconstructed What Is A Lead

When you think about growing your business, what are some ideas that come to mind? You could try to put out fliers so local homeowners can see it, or utilize social media to reach out to new customers in your service area. At the heart of all these efforts, you’re looking for new leads, or opportunities, to win more jobs.

When you think of “lead” and “lead generation service,” can you define what they are? Having the proper definition can often help your expectations when it comes to what jobs you’ll win. To help you, here’s some insight into how we define leads here at CraftJack.

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What Is A Lead

What Is A Lead?

You may have heard it a few different ways if you’ve been in the industry long enough. Here at CraftJack, we define a lead as a job opportunity.

“A lead is a homeowner who has expressed potential interest in a specific service, along with their contact information,” Peter Swanson, CraftJack senior account manager and team lead, said. “A lead is not a guaranteed job, as the homeowner still has free will whether or not they want to go forward with the job or if they want to choose, or not choose, a specific contractor.”

This requires contractors to utilize their sales ability and turn a lead into a job by using sales skills. If you need to brush up on a few sales techniques, here are a few articles you can read:

How To Find More Leads

Now that you know what a lead is, how do you find these new opportunities. It’s a good idea to start locally, networking with businesses and homeowners in your service area. Handing out fliers and business cards is a great way to start. However, in the modern world, you must have an online presence for people to look you up. Create a page on social media and have your website up-to-date with contact information. This can help people research your business more.

Of course, a lead generation service like CraftJack will bring the business you’re looking for to you in real-time. These are homeowners that have directly shown interest in a project they need a pro for by connecting with us. They are either planning or ready to get started and are looking for quotes on their project.

What Do Lead Generation Services Do?

Lead generation services do not guarantee jobs, but rather provide contractors with opportunities to win the work. Here at CraftJack, we offer our contractors leads in real-time, encouraging pros to call quickly, as it’s been proven that the faster you call—the more likely it is that you’ll win the job.

CraftJack is here to help you win the job, but lead generation services do not guarantee every lead will be a job won. Read What To Do When You Don’t Win The Job for more thoughts on this topic.

Turn A Lead Into A Job

Once you receive a lead or job opportunity, it’s your time to prove that you’re the best pro for the job. CraftJack account managers, such as Swanson, are always available to assist in providing valuable sales tips.

“The best sales people will be able to inform the homeowner why they are best for the job,” he said. “Be personable, don’t be pushy, and most importantly, be informative and transparent. You are the expert and homeowners want to be able to trust you as a person, but also want to know their money is going to someone who is going to do quality work.”


It’s important to remember that a lead is not a job, but rather an opportunity for you to win a job. Finding leads in your area doesn’t have to be difficult. CraftJack can help you start receiving leads now, among many other benefits to your business. Sign up today and get started growing your business.